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The Lake Cave is a recurring dungeon in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest II[]

Making its debut, it is an optional dungeon in northern Torland that contains the Silver Key, though it is not necessary to complete the game.

Monsters Encountered[]


Dragon Quest VII[]

Known as Poolside Cave, it is traversed by Auster, Maribel, and Florin to visit the Altar of the Almighty on behalf of the Roamers and Rom Baro, since Boldo was injured. Florin uses the Chimes of the Chosen to drain the lake, allowing Auster and the party to enter. They then come across a stone tablet with unknown writing on it, which Auster is strangely able to read once again just like at the Shrine of Mysteries. Reading the tablet causes pathways of light to appear, which allow the party to walk through the previously unreachable areas of the cave and venture deeper. The party eventually encounters a friendly Healslime who says they used to be friends with the Roamers tribe. Chimes are placed and the lake outside is drained, revealing the Altar of the Almighty so the Restoration can take place, though He is not revived due to Florin not being the chosen Torban player due to his birthmark. Later in the game, it is visited by the party again, this time with the additions of Ruff, Sir Mervyn, and Aishe, who accompany Crispin into the cave to reach the Altar of the Almighty once again, even draining the water the same way so the Roamers can perform the Restoration, this time succeed in reviving The Almighty, though they unknowingly revive his archenemy.

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