Laurel is a character in the Dragon Quest series who appears as a temporary party member in Dragon Quest IV. A poet facing financial troubles, he offers his magical capabilities in combat for aspiring merchants in the third chapter.


In his original appearance, Laurel wears a long, lavish pink coat over a white robe with a yellow highlight. He has sea green hair, blue eyes, simplistic leather shoes, and dons a peculiar headpiece.

His redesign in subsequent remakes has him wearing a similar outfit, except the coat is shorter in length and the robe is now blue. A golden decorative circlet is wrapped around his head, along with a golden choker. He has light blue hair, pointed leather shoes, and a satchel lays at his side. He is depicted wielding a golden harp.

Starting with the localization of the DS remake, Laurel will attempt a rhyming scheme in his speech with varying levels of success.


Dragon Quest IV

Laurel is at the Endor Inn throughout the story starting with Chapter 2, in which he meets Alena and her party. Laurel tells the Zamoksva Princess that he arrived in town to watch the Tournament and gives a victory song, suggesting that Alena could win with use of the iron claw. He later congratulates her on winning in the event and wishes her luck for her journey.

During Chapter 3, Laurel finds that poetry doesn't pay particularly well and is looking for work. In exchange for an advance payment of 600 gold pieces, he is willing to join Torneko for five days at a time. He's useful in his ability to cast spells, which Torneko can't do himself. After Chapter 3, he is no longer recruitable.

In Chapter 5, he states his happiness for Veronica and Prince Regan's wedding as, at the very least, humans shouldn't be fighting amongst themselves.




  • As with Healie and Orifiela, Laurel's Heal spell can be used manually outside of battle.
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