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The leather hat (also known as the leather helmet) is a helmet equipment item in the Dragon Quest series. It is usually the first piece of headwear obtainable in the game.


Dragon Quest III[]

The leather hat has a defense bonus of +2. In the NES version of Dragon Quest III the leather hat was known as a Leather Helmet. It was the worst helmet in the game, usable by all classes except for Mages (in the original version of the game) and Martial Artists.

Dragon Quest IV[]

The leather hat has a defense bonus of +2. It can be equipped by all characters and is also among Oojam & Hank Hoffman Jr's equipment.

It can be purchased for 65 gold coins, and sold for 47. Tessie will sell it at Torneko's shop for 97.

Dragon Quest V[]

The leather hat has a defense bonus of +2. It can be bought in Stockenbarrel for 65 gold.

Dragon Quest VI[]

The leather hat has a defense bonus of +2 and a style bonus of +2. The HeroCarverMillyAshlynnNevanAmosTerry, and Lizzie can equip them. Barksmen have a 1/32 chance of dropping one. They can be sold for 48 gold and bought for 65 gold at Weaver's PeakHaggleton, and Somnia.

Dragon Quest VII[]

The leather hat has a defense bonus of +3 and an appearance bonus of +2. It can be equipped by all characters. It can be bought for 65 gold and sold for 32 gold

Dragon Quest VIII[]

The leather hat has a defense bonus of +3. Everyone can equip it. It can be bought for 65 gold in Farebury and sold for 33 gold. Yangus starts the game with one already equipped. Beetleboys drop them rarely and BunicornsDark sabrecats, and High rollers drop them commonly.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Defense 3
Magical Mending 2
Rarity Stars1
Location Stornway & Zere shop
Buy Price 65
Sell Price 33
Flavor Text A highly ordinary headpiece of hardened hide.

Dragon Quest X[]

The leather hat has a defence bonus of +3, a style bonus of +1, and increases the wearer's weight by 4. The hat can be equipped by various vocations and can be crafted with sewing.

Hardy hide + Flaxen thread

Dragon Quest XI[]

Leather hat - Dragon Quest XI
Stat boosts Defence +3/4/5/6
Flavour text Hardy headwear crafted from tanned and hardened hides sewn together.
Info Dropped by Bodkin archer, Bodkin bowyer, Bunicorn, Malicious bodkin archer, Malicious bodkin bowyer, and Vicious bunicorn
Found Downtown Heliodor, Heliodor, and The Manglegrove
Buy price 65 G
Sell price 32 G
Equipped by All

Dragon Quest Swords[]



Location Info
Castle Avalonia Sold at armor shop (65g)

Equipping characters[]



Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

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Other languages[]

Other languages
French Casque de cuir
German Lederhut
Spanish Gorro de cuero
Gorro de piel
Sombrero de cuero (Stars)
Italian Cappello di pelle
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown