Leather kilt
DQVIII - Leather kilt
Japanese name かわのこしまき
Rōmaji Ka wa nokoshi maki
Introduced in V

The leather kilt, also known simply as the kilt, is a recurring piece of equipment in the Dragon Quest series. They provide a low amount of defence and can only be worn by male characters.


Dragon Quest III

The leather kilt has a defence bonus of +24. It can only be worn by the HeroWarriorsMerchants, and Gadabouts. Unlike future incarnations, it is not restricted to males. It only appears in remake versions. One can be found in Norvik in a dresser.

Dragon Quest V

The leather kilt has a defence bonus of +12. It can be bought for 220 gold in Faerie Lea and FortunaHarrySancho, and various monster companions can equip it.

Dragon Quest VI

The leather kilt has a defense bonus of +12 but a style penalty of -20. CarverAmos, and Lizzie can equip it. It can be sold for 165 gold and bought for 220 gold at Alltrades Abbey. Carver joins the party with it equipped.

Dragon Quest VII

The leather kilt has a defence bonus of +12, but reduces style by 20. It can be worn by KieferRuff, and Sir Mervyn. It can be purchased for 310 gold from L'Arca and sold for 155 gold.

Dragon Quest VIII

The leather kilt has a defence bonus of +12. Only Yangus can wear it. It can be sold for 110 gold and bought for 220 gold in Alexandria and Port ProspectPan pipers drop them rarely. They can be created in the Alchemy Pot using either of these alchemy recipes: Boxer shorts + Magic beast hide or Bandana + Leather whip. It can also be used to make a titan belt by combining it with a strength ring.

Dragon Quest IX

 Leather Kilt
Defence +5
Buy Price 290 G
Sell Price 145 G
Flavor text A loincloth made from bits of bashed-together beast hide.
Notes Buy in Zere and Coffinwell.

Commonly dropped or stolen from Hammerhoods and Brownies. Recipe: Boxer shorts + Magic beast hide Upgrades into Utility belt. Exclusive for men.

Other languages

Other languages
French Kilt de cuir
German Lederrock
Spanish Kilt de cuero
Faldón de piel
Italian Kilt di pelle
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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