Lightning is an ability in the Dragon Quest series. Unless otherwise stated, it pulls down bolts from the sky for 50~70 damage and 0 MP, and is typically learned by bruiser types rather than casters.


Dragon Quest IV

Lightning is used by the Demon thunderer in the remakes of IV, dealing 35~45 to all allies.

Dragon Quest V

Lightning is learned by several monster companions:

Name Level
Bomboulder 20
Rebjørn 40
Saber 40
Golem 45
Old man of the sea 45

Dragon Quest VI

Lightning is learned by advancing to rank 3 of the Luminary vocation. Despite all appearances, the skill belongs to the bang family of spells, much like the Lightning Slash.

Dragon Quest VII

Lighting was nerfed in the 3DS version, with a new range of 30~50.

Dragon Quest VIII

An enemy only skill, Lightning deals 28~36 damage.

Dragon Quest IX

Lightning grew weaker in IX, dealing only 17~26 damage.

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