Lightning Slash, (Aka Thunder Slash), is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series. Contrary to its name, it powers up an attack with the might of a colossal explosion rather than a bolt of electricity, though the latter is more also definite.


Dragon Quest VI

Lightning Slash deals variable melee damage, with the power being dependent on the target's resistance to the bang element. Possible modifiers are 130%, 115%, 75%, and 30% It is obtained by advancing to rank 3 of the Armamentalist vocation. It is also used by Bad karmours, and Zombie gladiators in battle against their enemies.

The reason for this deceitful discrepancy is likely balance concerns, as only a handful of monsters can resist lighting and thus the skill would be too easy to abuse.

Dragon Quest VII

Lightning Slash is performed and acquired in the same way as before, by advancing to rank 3 as an Armamentalist. Alternatively, it is also learned by advancing to rank two as a Hero in the 3DS version of the game. It is also used by Ceramic sergeants,

It is also used by Maeve in the short amount of time she joins the party.

Dragon Quest VIII

Thunder Slash is an enemy-only skill used by Phantom fencers and Riptides, as well as Zombie gladiators once again.

Dragon Quest IX

Thunder Slash is used once again by the aquatic Riptides, as well as the newly introduced Prime slimes to attack enemies. Players may duplicate the technique by way of the Armamentalist's Gale Fource. The skill itself has been balanced so that the double attribute nature of this technique will not negate the effectiveness of one element over the other.

Dragon Quest X

Despite still being an enemy-only skill used by Prickly pranksters and Mandrake majors, as well as Zombie gladiators once again, players who recruit Mandrake majors to their side, can have them learn it by investing 18 skill points into their Gekkou sword style technique, costing 2 MP to use. Its power is also buffed by 1.6 times +10 from the latter half of 2.3 onwards, and can also be enhanced by the Lightning feat special power +20%, learned by investing 25 skill points into the Gekkou swordsman style skill tree.

Dragon Quest XI

Appearing in only the 3DS and Switch versions, it is used by Maeve in her boss battle.

Dragon Quest Monsters

BoltSlash is a normal attack that deals increased damage based on the target's lightning resistance. It can be learned naturally by ArcDemonBoneSlaveCoatolEvilArmorHornBeetLandOwlRotRaven, and ZapBird as long as it is a level 11 and has 77 max HP, 34 max MP, 66 Attack, and 42 Intelligence. BoltSlash can also be learned by any monster that knows both the ChargeUP and Lightning skills.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Lightning Slash can be learned by various monsters, costing 2 MP to use, and can be learned from the Dragon Lore, Thunderwind Slashes, and Wulfspade skillsets.

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