Lightning Storm is a recurring ability in the franchise. It hits all enemies with lightning summoned from the depths of Nadiria, dealing 210~290 damage and costing 25 MP in most appearances. Unlike most elemental skills, the enemy's resistance influences the accuracy rather than damage prior to IX.


Dragon Quest IV Remakes

In the remakes, Lightning Storm is one of the special abilities that Psaro can learn.

Dragon Quest VI

Lightning Storm can only be learned by advancing to rank 7 of the Hero or Liquid Metal Slime vocations. It can deal 210-290 damage on all enemies.

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

Lightning Storm is a skill acquired for the Hero at 100 skill points in his spear skill tree, or for Angelo at 100 points in his swords skill tree. This version of the skill is slightly weakened compared to previous installments, dealing 190~220 damage on a group of enemies. Juggerwroth and the Lord of the Dragovians can also use this skill in battle.

Dragon Quest IX

Lightning Storm is a special Spear skill available if the character possesses the Clear Spear Theory in their inventory. Damage is calculated through Strength and Magical Might. It is also used by Tantamounts, Corvus in his final forme, and the Equinox in battle. It costs 26 MP to use.

Dragon Quest X

While used by Silver swordsmen, Gold mantles, Belial, Hellbound hair-raisers, Dhuran, & Patriarch Orstov in battle, as well as the Equinox and Tantamounts once again, the player can finally learn it by the second half of Version 2.3 onwards when 140 skill points are invested in the spear skill tree. From this game onwards, it can potentially paralyze enemies, and even lower their resistance to paralysis. It costs 8 MP to use.

Dragon Quest XI

Jade can learn this skill when 20 skill points are used in her Spear character builder. It costs 24 MP to use, deals 130~190 base damage with a cap of 270~330, and will lower the paralysis resistance of those struck by 25%. The Lord of Shadows's Mordragon forme and the King of Metal king slimes can use this ability in battle, as well as Equinoxes once again.

Dragon Quest Swords

Lightning Storm is a master stroke in Dragon Quest Swords.


The animation for Lighting Storm in the SNES version of VI was recolored to gold and used as the animation for Kazap in the 16-bit version of III.

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German Blitzgewitter
Spanish Tormenta luminosa
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Tempesta di Saette (VII)
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