Name Stats Equip Notes
Bianca's ribbon Wisdom +10 Bianca, Daughter, Slime, Man 'o War, Cureslime, Healslime, King Slime, King Cureslime, Metal Slime, Liquid Metal Slime, Great Sabrecat, Jailcat
Circle of Fire N/A Hero Casts Boom
Circle of Life N/A Hero, Bianca, Nera, Debora, Son, Daughter Recovers HP while walking.
Circle of Water N/A Bianca, Nera, Debora Casts Woosh
Elfin charm N/A All but Harry Protects against magical attacks
Kamikazee bracer N/A All but Debora Casts Kamikazee on enemies upon defeat
Meteorite bracer Agility x2 Hero, Bianca, Nera, Debora, Son, Daughter, Sancho, Tuppence

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