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This is a list of all accessory-based alchemy recipes in Dragon Quest IX.


Name Alchemy Ingredients Abilities
Agility ring A magical accoutrement that accentuates agility.
Bow tie A toff's tie that's sure to advance its wearer's vanity.
Brainy bracer An unusual accessory that enhances its wearer's magical might.
Catholicon ring A brilliant band that resists a whole range of undesirable effects.
Contra band A ring that raises resilence to poison attacks when worn.
Elfin charm A talisman that turns aside tons of undesirable effects.
Full moon ring A ring that provides protection against paralysis when worn.
Goddess ring A blessed band that brings back MP with every step.
Holy talisman A ring that resists the ravages of death magic when worn.
Life bracer An enchanted extra that heals its wearer's wounds in battle.
Life ring A rejuvenating ring that heals health points with every step.
Lucky pendant A necklace that negates all sorts of spells that lower abilities.
Meteorite bracer Awesome armwear that makes its wearer insanely agile.
Mighty armlet An accessory that accentuates attack power when worn.
Monarchic mark A kindly coat-of-arms that increases magical might and mending.
Prayer ring A righteous ring that restores a modicum of MP when used.
Raging ruby A jewel that jacks up attack power when worn.
Ring of clarity A ring that confounds confusion attacks when worn.
Rosary A string of beads that boosts max. MP and magical mending.
Rousing ring A ring that resists sleep attacks when worn.
Ruby of protection A sparkling stone that strengthens defence when worn.
Slime earrings Jaunty jewellery with a slimy slant.
Sober ring A ring that resists Dazzle-like magic when donned.
Sorcerer's ring A beautiful band that boosts max.mp and magical might.
Spirit bracer An enchanted armband that boosts max. MP by thirty.
Strength ring A band that bolsters brawn when worn.
Tough guy tattoo A mark that magnifies muscle and musters fighting might.
Utility belt A craftman's companion that does wonders for its wearer's deftness.

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