The following is a list of alchemy ingredients (also called reagents) in Dragon Quest IX.

Name Description Found in Dropped by
DQ9 AgateOfEvolution Agate of evolution A special stone that encourages evolution. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Aggressence Aggressence An extract composed of the vigorous verve for victory. Alchemise it!
DQ9 AstralPlume Astral plume A feather from the white wings of a heavenly being. Alchemise it!
DQ9 BelleCap Belle cap A mysteriously marvellous-looking mushroom. Alchemise it!
DQ9 BirdsongNectar Birdsong nectar Queer concoction that confers a sweet singing voice. Alchemise it!
DQ9 BlueOrb Blue Orb A ridiculously rare orb of cornflower blue. Alchemise it!
DQ9 BrightenRock Brighten rock A sacred stone alive with the might of light. Alchemise it!
DQ9 ButterflyWing Butterfly wing The charming wing of a fluttering thing. Alchemise it!
DQ9 CelestialSkein Celestial skein Mysterious string within which water flows. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Chronocrystal Chronocrystal

A crystal formed over countless millennia. Alchemise it!

(This may be a reference to Chrono Trigger, looking at the name and description)

DQ9 Coagulant Coagulant Poisonous powder that put a single enemy into a state of paralysis.
DQ9 Corundum Corundum An unpolished precious stone with a rusty lustre. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Cowpat Cowpat Fragrant fallout from a farmyard favourite. Alchemise it!
DQ9 CrimsonCoral Crimson coral A tunning souvenir from the sea. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Densinium Densinium A lump of mysterious metal that's drastically dense. Alchemise it!
DQ9 EmeraldMoss Emerald moss A vividly verdant piece of vegetation. Alchemise it!
DQ9 EnchantedStone Enchanted stone A pebble possessed by a departed soul. Alchemise it!
DQ9 EtherealStone Ethereal stone A protective pebble possessed by a phantom spirit. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Evencloth Evencloth Coal-black cloth cloaked in impenetrable darkness. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Finessence Finessence An extract composed of concentrated combat capabilities. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Fistcup Fisticup A funny fungus in the form of a fist. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Flinstone Flintstone A rock that's just right for setting off sparks. Alchemise it!
DQ9 FlurryFeather Flurry feather A plume plucked from a great big bird. Alchemise it!
DQ9 FreshWater Fresh water Wondrous water of perfect purity. Alchemise it!
DQ9 GlassFrit Glass frit Gentle grit that's perfect for polishing. Alchemise it!
DQ9 GoldBar Gold bar A piece of pure gold that's heart-warmingly heavy. Alchemise it!
DQ9 GreenOrb Green Orb A ridiculously rare orb of verdant green
DQ9 GrubbyBandage Grubby bandage A soiled dressing much-loved by mummies. Alchemise it!
DQ9 HephaestusFlame Hephaestus' flame A fire so fantastically fierce it can melt metal. Alchemise it!
DQ9 HorseManure Horse manure An equine extra that exudes a pungent perfume. Alchemise it!
DQ9 IceCrystal Ice crystal A captivating crystal with cryogenic powers. Alchemise it!
DQ9 IronNails Iron nails Nothing more than normal nails. Alchemise 'em!
DQ9 IronOre Iron ore Rock containing an enormous amount of iron. Alchemise it!
DQ9 KittyLitter Kitty litter A peculiar powder that purring pets apparently prefer. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Lambswool Lambswool A fluffy fleece of ovine origins. Alchemise it!
DQ9 LavaLump Lava lump A pyroclastic rock possessing the power of fire. Alchemise it!
DQ9 LucidaShard Lucida shard A fragment formed from some heavenly fallout. Alchemise it!
DQ9 MagicBeastHide Magic beast hide Heavy hide taken from a brutal beast. Alchemise it!
DQ9 MagicBeastHorn Magic beast horn A hard horn taken from a brutal beast. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Malicite Malicite A jinxed gem that calls cured curses back on its bearer. Alchemise it!
DQ9 MankyMud Manky mud Dangerous dirt that's totally toxic. Alchemise it!
DQ9 MirrorStone Mirrorstone A resplendent rock that reflects light like a mirror. Alchemise it!
  • Mega Moai
Mystifying mixture A potion that sends a single enemy into a state of confusion.
DQ9 MythrilOre Mythril ore Rock containing a massive amount of mythril. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Narspicious Narspicious A peculiar plant with an untrustworthy air. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Nectar Nectar The sweet, fragrant essence of a flower in bloom. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Orichalcum Orichalcum A highly prized mineral of magnificient hardness. Alchemise it!
  • Metal King Slime
DQ9 PlatinumOre Platinum ore Rock containing a high proportion of platinum. Alchemise it!
DQ9 PurpleOrb Purple Orb A ridiculously rare orb of deep purple. Alchemise it!
DQ9 RedOrb Red Orb A ridiculously rare orb of richest red. Alchemise it!
DQ9 ResetStone Reset stone A retroactive rock that might undo the effects of alchemy. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Resurrock Resurrock A stone said to hold the secret of restoring life. Alchemise it!
DQ9 RoyalSoil Royal soil A mass of mud with magical characteristics. Alchemise it!
DQ9 SaintedSoma Sainted soma Incredible liquid infused with an angelic essence. Alchemise it!
DQ9 SaintsAshes Saint's ashes Abrasive ash that cleans off curses. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Seashell Seashell A cute, colourless keepsake from the coast. Alchemise it!
DQ9 SilverOrb Silver Orb A ridiculously rare orb of sparkling silver. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Slimedrop Slimedrop A gooey gumdrop shaped like a lovely little slime. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Slipweed Slipweed A plant that's so slippery it's problematic to pick up. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Snakeskin Snakeskin The sloughed-off skin of a slithering serpent. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Sunstone Sunstone A radiant rock that sizzles with solar heat. Alchemise it!
DQ9 TechnicolourDreamcloth Technicolour dreamcloth Colourful cloth that glows like a rainbow. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Thinkincense Thinkincense A peculiar plant with a soothing scent when burned. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Thunderball Thunderball A chunk of rock charged with electrical energy. Alchemise it!
DQ9 ToalOil Toad oil The greasy excretion of an enormous amphibian. Alchemise it!
DQ9 Tortoiseshell Tortoiseshell A substance stripped from the shell of a tortoise. Alchemise it!
DQ9 WingOfBat Wing of bat The big black wing of a big black bat. Alchemise it!
DQ9 YellowOrb Yellow Orb A ridiculously rare orb of buttercup yellow. Alchemise it!

Some other Alchemy Ingredients

Some items, weapons and armours can be used in alchemy to make them into a new weapon/armour. For detail please see main articles:

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