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List of footwear in DQ9
Name: Stats: Description: Rarity:
Leather boots Defence: 2 Unrefined footwear made of hide. 1 star
Hobnail boots Defence: 8 Sturdy yet snug leather footwear. 1 star
Wellington boots Defence: 5 Robust rubber boots that insulate against electrical attacks. 1 star
Iron sabatons Defence: 7 Basic boots made of metal. 1 star
Steel sabatons Defence: 11 Brawny boots made of mighty metal. 1 star
Gigasteel sabatons Defence:15 Beautiful boots made of a miraculous metal. 1 star
Warrior's boots Defence:11 Steadfast footwear worn by warriors. 1 star
Femiscyran footwear Defence:11 Lightweight boots that allow lady warriors ease of movement. 1 star
Frugal footwear Defence:9
Magical mending:5
Resolutely unshowy shoes popular with priests. 1 star
Wizard wellies Defence:9
Magical might:5
Bewitching pointed boots that are much-loved by mages. 1 star
Bandit boots Defence:9
Fast, flexible footwear favoured by those of the filching fraternity. 1 star
Acroboots Defence:9
Fleet footwear that's made to measure for minstrels. 1 star
Payback pumps Defence:14 A gift for gladiators that bounces a beating back at its perpetrator. 1 star
Cowboy boots Defence: 14 Funky footwear appropriate for armamentalists. 1 star
Hip boots Defence: 14 Shoes that show off armamentalists' shapely shanks. 1 star
Saintly sollerets Defence: 16 Godly greaves that give protection to paladins' legs and feet. 1 star
Clever clogs Defence: 17 Fine footwear for sages that's tailor-made for travelling. 1 star
Crimson boots Defence: 18 Rich red runners that suit luminaries splendidly. 1 star
Agiliboots Defence: 13 Lightning-fast footwear that's loved by lots of rangers. 1 star
Hiking boots Defence: 18 Rugged boots beloved by rangers for their fleet, firm stride. 1 star
Dragon Warrior boots Defence: 14 Given by Greygnarl as a token of friendship. 2 stars
Sneakers Defence: 13 Fine footwear that allows thieves to move quickly and quietly. 1 star
Veteran's boots Defence: 19 A pair of pumps perhaps pulled on by a bygone battler. 2 stars
She-mage shoes Defence: 17 Footwear found on female mages of a former age. 2 stars
Blessed boots Defence: 17 Sacred soles that protected the pins of past priests. 2 stars
Combat boots Defence: 18 Footwear favoured by long-forgotten martial artists. 2 stars
Brahman boots Defence: 20 Boots beloved by bygone sages. 2 stars
Metal slime sollerets Defence: 22 Oozy shoes imbued with the agility of a metal slime. 2 stars
Liquid metal slime boots Defence: 24 Oozy shoes imbued with the agility of a liquid metal slime. 3 stars
Metal king slime boots Defence: 26 Oozy shoes imbued with the agility of a metal king slime. 4 stars
Hero's boots Defence: 25 Fancy footwear that heals health points as its wearer wanders. 4 stars
Basilic boots Defence: 27 Fabled footwear that heals health points as its wearer wanders. 4 stars
Emperor's boots Defence: 28 Formidable footwear that heals health points as its wearer wanders. 4 stars
Boots of beatitude Defence: 30 Fantastic footwear that heals health points as its wearer wanders. 5 stars
Sandals Defence: 0 Simple slip-ons that slip on simply. 1 star
Leather shoes Defence: 0 Folksy, yet in a fashion fashionable, animal-skin shoes. 1 star
High heels Defence: 0 Fancy but not-so-functional female footwear. 1 star
Stiletto heels Defence: 0 Even higher heels that lengthen the lines of ladies' legs. 1 star
Highness heels Defence: 0 Sky-high heels fit for the feet of queens. 2 stars
Clogs Defence: 0 A chunky pair of pumps chiseled from a tree. 1 star
Classy clogs Defence: 0 A slightly slicker style of clogs that are good for going out in. 1 star
Galvanised geta Defence: 6 Ferrous footwear that, though heavy, complements defence. 1 star
Sheepskin shoes Defence: 0 White winter warmers popular with priests. 1 star
Siren sandals Defence: 0 Footwear that's just made for mages. 1 star
Sorceress sandals Defence: 0 Fabulous flip-flops that foster magical might. 1 star
Starlet sandals Defence: 0 Sacred shoes that aren't at all shy of perilous places. 1 star
Kung fu shoes Defence: 0 Footwear made for martial artists to master their moves in. 1 star
Wu shoes Defence: 0 Footwear fit for only the most skilled of martial artists. 1 star
She-fu shoes Defence: 0 Shoes equally suited for dealing damage and dancing the night away. 1 star
Safety shoes Defence: 9 Firm footwear that's fitted with metal reinforcements. 1 star
Safer shoes Defence: 12 A significantly souter sort of safety shoe. 1 star
Safest shoes Defence: 15 A supremely stout set of safety shoes that define defensiveness. 2 stars
Shaman shoes Defence: 0 First-class footwear that sages find fantastic. 1 star
Bardic boots Defence: 0 Fine footwear that makes luminaries look lovely. 1 star
Spellspadrilles Defence: 0 Shoes supposedly sported by mages of a bygone age. 2 stars
Depressing shoes Defence: 0 Forlorn footwear that's full of misfortune. 3 stars
Elevating shoes Defence: 0 Footwear that fosters floods of experience. 3 stars
Pixie boots Defence: 0 Strange shoes that aren't shy of perilous places. 3 stars
Tricksie boots Defence: 0 Sacred shoes that aren't at all shy of perilous places. 4 stars
Sensible sandals Defence: 0 Strange strappy shoes that magnify Max. MP and restore it too. 4 stars
Sagacious sandals Defence: 0 Sacred strappy shoes that magnify max. MP and restore it too. 4 stars
Sapient sandals Defence: 0 Special strappy shoes that magnify Max. MP and restore it too. 4 stars
Sentient sandals Defence: 0 Superlative strappy shoes that magnify max. MP and restore it too. 5 stars
Thug boots Defence: 11 Unrefined footwear that thugs thump around in. 3 stars
Celestial shoes Defence: 2 Unsophisticated footwear well-suited to apprenticing Celestrians. 1 star
White wing-tips Defence: 0 Shiny shoes with a formal feel. 3 stars
High-class heels Defence: 0 Shiny shoes with a formal feel. 3 stars
Alefgard boots Defence: 18 The first choice of footwear for the folks of Alefgard. 3 stars
Midenhall boots Defence: 17 Sturdy shoes that once protected the Prince of Midenhall's pins. 3 stars
Aliahan boots Defence: 20 Fondly worn footwear of a fabled hero. 3 stars
Zenithian boots Defence: 19 Boots once worn by the brave Hero of Zenithia. 3 stars
Gothan gumboots Defence: 0 Tough trekker's wear that's a trademark of Gotha. 3 stars
Somnia boots Defence: 15 Comfortable footwear favoured by the Prince of Somnia. 3 stars
Estard boots Defence: 0 A pair of pumps popular with the people of Estard. 3 stars
Trodainers Defence: 16 A cut-pricepair of pumps that are popular in Trodain. 3 stars
Cannock boots Defence: 10 Heel-huggers for hikers that are commonplace in Cannock. 3 stars
Moonbrooke shoes Defence: 0 A pretty pair of pumps particularly loved by the princess of Moonbrooke. 3 stars
Highland boots Defence: 12 Shoes with shin pads that Ragnar McRyan raves about. 3 stars
Valenki Defence: 11 Long boots belonging to Tsarevna Alena that go great with her gloves. 3 stars
Kiryl's boots Defence: 0 Bishop Kiryl's loose-fitting, functional long boots. 3 stars
Borya's boots Defence: 0 Sharp leather shoes with tapered toe-tips that belong to Borya. 3 stars
Torneko's sandals Defence: 0 Torneko Taloon's treasured treaders. 3 stars
Sattriya sandals Defence: 0 Maya's charming chappals with attached ankles. 3 stars
Samhita sandals Defence: 0 Choice chappals befitting Meena's demeanour. 3 stars
Bianca's boots Defence: 0 Bianca's favourite fleecy footwear. 3 stars
Nera's boots Defence: 0 Unshowy shoes that become Nera Briscoletti brilliantly. 3 stars
Carver's shoes Defence: 0 A vest of Carver's that could easily be mistaken for a ratty rag. 3 stars
Milly's shoes Defence: 0 Almost unfeasibly fine footwear worn by Mistress Milly. 3 stars
Ashlynn's shoes Defence: 0 Fast, flexible footwear fresh from Ashlynn's wardrobe. 3 stars
Kiefer's shoes Defence: 11 Kit of Kiefer's that's been created from high-quality hide. 3 stars
Maribel's shoes Defence: 0 A pretty pretty pair of Maribel's pumps. 3 stars
Trode's treads Defence: 0 Shoes supposedly sported by King Trode on a clandestine quest. 3 stars
Bovver boots Defence: 10 Ard-wearin' ones an' twos that Yangus 'as 'ad fer donkey's years. 3 stars
Posh pumps Defence: 0 Shoes belonging to Jessica that young ladies yearn for. 3 stars
Templar boots Defence: 12 Boots worn by knights of the church like the amorous Angelo. 3 stars
Casanova clogs Defence: 0 Shoes with a style of their own that only Morrie can carry off. 3 stars
Chic chaussures Defence: 11 Feisty footwear of Fleurette's that feels delightfully devilish. 3 stars
Blahnolo maniks Defence: 0 Stellar shoes that Stella swears are the way to almost anyone's heart. 3 stars
Erinn's boots Defence: 0 Boots beloved by Erinn for their flexibility and comfort. 3 stars
Patty's pumps Defence: 0 Boots well-suited to Patty the pub landlady. 3 stars
Aquila's boots Defence: 0 Footwear fabricated for senior Celestrians. 3 stars