Name Description Rarity(Stars)
Warrior's glove Very thick gloves that adorn the hands of all kinds of warrior 1
Gorgeous gloves Modish mittens mainly adored by armamentalists. 1
Mental mittens Mittens for melee mash-ups mainly adored by armamentalists. 1
Cotton gloves Run-of-the-mill mitts made of unfancy fabric. 1
Linen gloves Well made workwear that won't wear easily. 1
Leather gloves Handwear made from tanned hide. 1
Riotous wristbands Wristwear once worn by a whilom martial artist. 2
Blessed bindings Cloth wrist coverings once worn by a sage of a bygone age. 2
Rubber gloves Flexible fingerwear that confounds incoming flashes of lightning. 1
Wayfarer's gloves Gloves gladly worn by globetrotters. 1
Mayoress's mittens High-class handwear that hinders Dazzle magic and confusion. 2
Marquess' mittens Graceful gloves that guard against Dazzle magic and confusion. 2
Monarch's mittens A posh pair that protects against Dazzle magic and confusion. 2
Veteran's gloves The well-worn handwear of a whilom warrior. 2
Enchantress's gloves Mitts made use of by female mages of a bygone age. 2
Minister's mittens Holy handwear that protected the palms of a priest of the past. 2
Glommer's gloves High-Class handwear worn by heroes of the thieving hierarchy. 2
Guru's gloves Mystical mitts made use of by a sage of distant memory. 2
Glommy gloves Mysterious mittens that impart mighty resilience to dark magic. 2
Murky mittens Magical mittens that drive dark magic away. 3
Matador's gloves The beloved badge of a bona fide bullfighter. 3
Apprentice's gloves Fingerwear that fosters fine movement. 4
Master's gloves Magical mitts that make those who don them deliciously dexterous. 4
Grandmaster's gloves Mystical mitts that nurture nonpareil nimbleness. 4
Godly gloves Divine digitwear that defies the undoable. 5
Heavy handwear Thick, weighty gloves that give a good defensive boost. 2
Silver bracelets Basic silver bangles. 1
Ultramarine mittens Super-cool gloves in a totally on-trend turquoise. 1
Battler's bracers On-trend armwear for advanced adventurers. 1
Einhander A one-handed glove that makes the wearer look well-hard. 2
Crimson gauntlets Faithful fistwear of a rich red hue. 2
Lockpicker's mitts Gossamer-thin gloves for the purloining professional. 1
Fingerless gauntlets Handwear whose lack of digital coverage allows for deft movement. 1
Bruiser's bracers Wrist guards revered by the ranks of the martial arts. 1
Femiscyran fingerwear Gloves instilled with the strength of legendary woman warriors. 1
Metallic mitts Good, strong, reinforced gloves worn by gladiators. 1
Light gauntlets Lightweight wonders worn by world-class wanderers. 1
Archer's armguard Handwear for handling bows, habitually worn by rangers. 1
Sturdy gauntlets Handwear sported by some celebrated chevaliers. 2
Heavy gauntlets handwear once worn habitually by honest-to-goodness heroes. 3
Fingerless gloves Fingerwear favoured by female martial artists of a former age. 2
Leather gauntlets Wholesome handwear made by hardy hide. 1
Ethereal gloves Handwear that staves off spell damage with spiritual protection. 2
Rusty gauntlets Tarnished and tattered handwear of obscure origins. 3
Vesta gauntlets Fiery fist protectors with unparalleled defensive potential. 4
Diana gauntlets Moonlight-infused mittens with unparalleled defensive potential. 4
Tempestes gauntlets Stormy gauntlets with unparalleled defensive potential. 4
Sol invictus gauntlets Solar smashers with unparalleled defensive potential. 5
Dragon warrior gloves Gloves given by Greygnarl as a token of friendship. 2
Iron gauntlets Elementary metal mitts. 1
Erdrick's gauntlets High-grade gloves once graced by the hands of a legendary hero. 4
Steel gauntlets Hefty handwear made of hard steel. 1
Gigasteel gauntlets Gorgeous gloves made of gigasteel. 1
Metal slime gauntlets Handwear that harbours the mystical sheen of a metal slime. 2
Liquid metal slime gauntlets Heavenly handwear that harbours the luster of a liquid metal slime. 3
Metal king slime gauntlets High-class handwear harbouring the brilliance of a metal king slime. 4
Magic mittens Magical mitts that diminish damage from magic attacks. 1
Enchanted gloves Gloves whose saintly guardianship gives relief against magic attacks. 1
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