The following is a list of non-equippable items that can be collected and be used by The Hero and his party in Dragon Quest II. Buying and selling prices sometime differ between the NES and the GBC Version.

Regular Items

Name Purchase Price Selling Price Effect
Medical herb 15 (NES Version)
10 (GBC Version)
12 (NES Version)
8 (GBC Version)
Heals a small amount of damage.
Antidote herb 8 6 Removes poison effect.
Fairy water 40 30 Repels weaker enemies.
Wing of the Wyvern 80 (NES Version)
25 (GBC Version)
60 (NES Version)
19 (GBC Version)
Casts Return on use.
Dragon's Bane/Amulet 640 480 Lessens the possibility of being effected by Sleep and StopSpell.
Wizard's ring -- -- Restores MP one or more, and eventually breaks.
Leaf of World Tree -- 5 Revives one ally.
Lottery ticket -- 53 Can be used to play Lottery.
Golden card -- 375 Top prize in the Lottery and allows for 25% discounts at shops if in possession.
Dragon Potion (NES Version only) -- 7,500 Can be used to save your game instantly.
LifeAcorn (GBC Version only) -- 150 Augments max HP.
MysticNut (GBC Version only) -- 100 Augments max MP.
STRseed (GBC Version only) -- 112 Augments strength.
DEFseed (GBC Version only) -- 100 Augments resilience.
AGLseed (GBC Version only) -- 100 Augments agility.

Incredible Items

These items are (usually) one of a kind and cannot be sold to merchants. Though the remakes prevent more of them from being sold as they don't respawn.

Name Location Selling Price Effect
Silver Key Chest in Lake Cave. 2 (NES Version) Opens silver doors.
Golden Key Search in the area where a dog in Beran leads you to. 2 (NES Version) Opens gold doors.
Jailers Key Purchase in an item shop in Wellgarth for 2,000 gold coins. 1,500 (NES Version) Opens jail doors.
Watergate Key Given by Lagos in Wellgarth. -- Opens the dam in Tuhn.
Mirror of Ra Search in swamp east of Moonbrooke. -- Use to reveal the true form of a cursed individual.
Cloak of Wind Found in chest at Tower of Wind. 53 (NES Version) Don to jump across the river from the high point of the Southern Dragons Horn tower.
Sunken treasure Go north in the river between Lianport & Alefgard, then search in the spot that's shining. -- Give to a man in Lianport.
Echoing Flute Receive in exchange for the Sunken Treasures. 300 (NES Version) Use in a location with the 5 Seals to hear an echo.
Erdrick's Token Found in treasury at Midenhall after getting the Golden Key. 8 (NES Version) Give to old man at Rain Shrine to get the Helmet of Erdrick.
Moon Shard In a chest found in the Tower of the Moon. 225 (NES Version) Use to gain entry into the Sea Cave.
Magic Loom In a chest found at Zahan behind a jail door. 23 (NES Version) One of two items needed to make the Water flying cloth.
Dew's Yarn Random spot on the 3rd floor of the Northern Dragons Horn tower. 30 (NES Version) One of two items needed to make the Water flying cloth.
Rubiss Charm Found in Rubiss Shrine after obtaining all 5 Seals. -- Use to disable the illusion in Hargon's Castle.
Eye of Malroth Found in chest at Sea Cave. -- Use to open Cave to Rhone, and to move past the 1st floor of Hargon's Castle.

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