The following is a list of non-equippable items that can be collected and be used by the chosen ones in Dragon Quest IV.

Regular Items

Name Price Effect
Medicinal herb 8 Heals a small amount of damage
Antidotal herb 10 Removes poison effect
Holy water 20 Repels weaker enemies
Chimaera wing 25 Casts Zoom on use
Moonwort bulb 30 Removes paralysis effect
Musk 150 Attracts enemies
Yggdrasil dew -- Heals all party members
Yggdrasil leaf -- Revives one ally
Seed of life -- Augments max HP
Seed of magic -- Augments max MP
Seed of strength -- Augments strength
Seed of resilience -- Augments resilience
Seed of agility -- Augments agility
Seed of wisdom -- Augments wisdom
Horse manure --  ???

Incredible Items

These items are (usually) one of a kind and cannot be sold to merchants.

Name Location Effect
Taleria Hidden Playground - Chapter 1 Used to enter Strathbaile Tower
Armlet of Transmutation Vault of Vrenor - Chapter 2 Trade to free hostage
Thief's Key Vrenor - Chapter 2 Opens blue doors
Birdsong nectar Birdsong Tower - Chapter 2 Used to treat Tsar Stepan's aphasia
Steel strongbox Cave North of Lakanaba - Chapter 3 Prevents Torneko from losing cash if he falls in battle.
Prince's letter Castle Ballymoral - Chapter 3 Letter from Prince Regan to Princess Veronica
Royal Scroll Castle Endor - Chapter 3 Official letter from the King of Endor to the King of Ballymoral
Silver goddess statue Cave of the Silver Statuette - Chapter 3 Sell to collector for 25,000 gold
Night light Cave West of Aubout du Monde - Chapter 4 Turns day to night
Sphere of Silence Cave West of Aubout du Monde - Chapter 4 Casts Fizzle
Powder keg Mamon Mine - Chapter 4 Scares the Chancellor of Palais de Léon into running for the marquis
Boarding pass Palais de Léon - Chapter 4 Used to get on the boat to Endor at Havre Léon
'The Big Book of Beasts' Hero's Hometown - Chapter 5 Reviews all monsters encountered
Symbol of faith Cave of Betrayal - Chapter 5 Gets Hoffman to join the hero
Holy embers Pharos Beacon - Chapter 5 Used to restore the lighthouse
Feverfew seed Imperial Pantry of Parthenia - Chapter 5 Grows into feverfew root
Feverfew root Parthenia - Chapter 5 Treats Kiryl of his illness
Magic Key Cave West of Aubout du Monde - Chapter 5 Opens red doors
Bronze rosary Cave Southeast of Femiscyra - Chapter 5 Retrieve from the thief Kirk Buzzer
Ultimate Key Femiscyra - Chapter 5 Opens gated doors
Karstaway stone Dunplundrin - Chapter 5 Used to enter the Cascade Cave
Mod Rod Royal Crypt - Chapter 5 Disguises party
Gas Canister Mamon Mine, Estark's Tomb - Chapter 5 Powers the balloon
Baron's Bugle Baron's Folly - Chapter 5 Summons Mary Lou and the wagon
Yggdrasil flowers Yggdrasil - Chapter 6 Resurrects Rose

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