Name Description Rarity
Boxer shorts Underwear by men, for men. Def+ 2 1
Leather kilt A loincloth made from bits of bashed-together beast hide. Def +5 1
Cotton trousers Simple slacks made of standard stuff. Def+ 2 1
Red skirt A fierce, fiery, flashy and fun bright red skirt. Def+ 5, Magical Might+ 3 1
Blue skirt A cool, calm, comfortable and classic bright blue skirt. Def+ 12, Magical Might+ 8 1
Kiltlet A tweedy, tartan number with a certain cuteness to its cut. Def+ 15, Magical Might+ 11 1
Springtime skirt A classy, if slightly cutesy pink skirt. Def+ 6, Magical Mending+ 2 1
Snazzy skirt A super-trendy skirt with an air of upper-crustness to it. Def+ 10, Magical Mending+ 6 1
Magical skirt A sorcerous skirt that can fight back magical attacks. Def+ 13, Magical Might+ 9, Magical Mending+ 9 1
Seabreeze skirt A bracing bit of womenswear that smells slightly of the sea. Def+ 17, Magical Mending+ 12 1
Swinedimples slacks The uniform of an acclaimed academy. Def+ 11 1
Swinedimples skirt The uniform of an acclaimed academy. Def+ 11 1
Training trousers A loose garment made for martial artists to work out in. Def+ 4 1
Tracky bottoms A loose garment made for more advanced martial arts training. Def+ 9 1
Pop socks Foot coverings for female that fit the leg up to the knee. Def+ 7 1
Fishnet stockings Tights that make a flattering fit for any lady's legs. Def+ 9 1
Boomer briefs Pants that put the 't' in 'testosterone'.Def+ 8, Magical Mending+ 4, Magical Might+ 4 1
Wonder pants Pants that really put the 't' in 'testosterone'. Def+ 12, Magical Mending+ 8, Magical Might+ 8 2
Blue knickers These provide perfect protection when worn under a dress. Def+ 5 1
Black knickers These provide perfect protection when worn under a dress. Def+ 14 1
Iron kneecaps Iron contrivances that prevent knocks to the knees. Def+ 9 1
Steel kneecaps Steel supplementary wear that prevent knocks to the knees. Def+ 12 1
Gigasteel kneecaps Gigasteel supplementary wear that prevent knocks to the knees. Def+ 16 1
Warrior's trousers Red-tinged trousers worn by warriors. Def+ 14 1
Femiscyran bottoms Loose-fitting legwear worn by woman warriors. Def+ 13 1
Wizard's trousers Strange slacks that seem to strengthen magical might. Def+ 10, Magical Might+ 12 1
Blessed bottoms Enchanted chinos that make more of the wearer's magical might. Def+ 14, Magical Might+18 2
Sorcerer's slacks Legwear that makes much more of the wearer's magical might. Def+11, Magical Might+ 14 1
Tussler's trousers Made for martial artists to test their mettle in mortal combat. Def+ 13 1
Slick slacks Sprightly slacks for a super-fast fighting frenzy. Def+ 14, Agility+ 15 1
Nicker's knickers Long briefs for keen thiefs that allows super-swift movement. Def+ 13, Agility+ 10 1
Loud trousers Super-snazzy slacks for showmen that stave off sleep. Def+ 12 1
Fancy pants Loud legwear that helps hold off sleep and enchantment attacks. Def+ 15 2
Blue jeans Casual trousers usually worn by the young - or the young at heart. Def+ 12 1
Denim skirt A daringly cut denim miniskirt for the more adventurous maiden. Def+ 12 1
Battle britches Trousers tailored for tussling that gladiators go mad for. 1
Chainmail socks Chunky chainmail legwear. 1
Swordsman's slacks Armamentalist's attire that wears well against Fizzle magic. 1
Steppe steppers Paralysis-preventing legwear beloved by roaming rangers. 1
Red tights Scarlet stockings that stave off fire- and ice- based strikes. 1
Green tights Leaf-green legwear that deflects death magic, poison and paralysis. 1
White tights Silvery stockings that slightly stave off ice and wind attacks. 1
Transparent tights Strange see-through stockings. 2
Dangerous midriff wrap Swimwear that's somewhat unsafe to set eyes on. 1
Hot bikini bottoms Waterwear that works well against fire and lightning attacks. 2
Sizzling bikini bottoms Bold bathing gear that bravely beats back fire and lightning attacks. 3
Dragon warrior trousers Given by Greygnarl as a token of friendship. 2
Dragon trousers Martial artist's attire that impedes attacks of fire and ice. 2
Trinity tights A pair of priest's tights from past times that improve magical mending. 2
Combat trousers A piece of clothing worn by pre-modern martial artists. 2
Tantric trousers Magic-boosting slacks worn by the sages of bygone ages. 2
Sturdy slacks Protective legwear that disrupts attempts to lower defense. 3
Impregnable leggings Magical legwear that disrupts attempts to lower defense. 4
Invincible trousers Steady slacks that staunchly withstand death spells. 4
Immortal trousers Steady slacks that stand up to sleep magic and death spells. 4
Eternity trousers Steady slacks that withstand paralysis, sleep and death spells. 4
Infinity trousers Super-steady slacks that stand up to all sorts of strangeness. 5
Toughie trousers Legwear for lovable louts that looks a little tight. 3
Celestial stockings Strange stockings that somehow seem angelic. (Worn by main character only) 1
White tuxedo trousers The bottom half of a beautifully tailored tuxedo. 3
Santa's slacks Santa's trademark crimson trousers. 3
Skeletal slacks Bloodcurling bottoms decorated with beautifully drawn bones. 3
Pirate pantaloons Seafaring slackssported by a celebrated swashbuckler. 3
Alefgard trousers Simple slacks sported by a hero of Alefgard. 3
Midenhall trousers Spartan slacks sported by the Prince of Midenhall. 3
Aliahan trousers Bog-standard slacks supposedly sported by a legendary hero. 3
Zenithian trousers A pair of unpretentious trousers worn by a hero of Zenithia. 3
Zenithian leggings Warming legwear once worn by a heroine of Zenithia. 3
Somnia shorts Simple shorn-off slacks sold in Somnia. 3
Estard trousers Bog-standard slacks sold in Estard. 3
Trodain trousers Cheapo chinos traded in the territory of Trodain. 3
Cannock trousers Ashen attire that the Prince of Cannock put over his pins. 3
Alena's tights Heavy black hosiery once worn by Tsarevna Alena. 3
Kiryl's trousers White legwear once worn by Bishop Kiryl. 3
Torneko's trousers loose-fitting legwear once worn by the wily Torneko Taloon. 3
Maya's bottoms Lascivious legwear donned by the dancer Maya. 3
Carver's shorts A pair of Carver's captivatingly cut shorts. 3
Milly's pants Chalk-white trousers of Milly's with a fairly free fit. 3
Kiefer's trousers Prince Kiefer's close-fitting pitch-black pants. 3
Cor blimey trousers A puffed up pair belonging to Pickham's premier pilferer. 3
Templar's trousers Spick and span scarlet legwear attributed to the Templar Angelo. 3
PASSION tights Multo masculine hosiery of Morrie's that hugs his handsome haunches. 3
Fleurette's chaussettes Stripy, knee-high socks that are a favourite of Fleurette's. 3
Stellar stockings Knee-high legwear for the faerlie fashion-conscious female. 3
Aquila's trousers Plain pantaloons imbued with Aquila'a aura. 3
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