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The following is a list of level bonuses available in Dragon Quest Swords.

Amount Name Requirement
500 Kitty Cat Clearance Equip cat themed weapon, armor, and shield
500 Crafty Canine Clearance Equip dog themed weapon, armor, and shield
1000 Accuracy over 80% Connect with 80% of attacks
1000 Overking of Overkill Repeatedly strike enemies during death animations
1000 Blocking over 80% Block over 80% of attacks
2000 Accuracy 100% Connect with every attack
2000 Blocking 100% Block every attack
1000 No monster alive Kill every encountered enemy
200 Cleared wearing Eggshelm Equip Eggshelm helmet
200 Cleared wearing Bunny Tail Equip Bunny tail accessory
200 Cleared wearing Pot Lid Equip Pot lid shield
200 Cleared wearing Boxer Shorts Equip Boxer shorts armor
1000 Cleared with Weakest Equipment Equip all 4 weakest armor items (Pot Lid, Eggshelm, Bunny Tail, Boxer Shorts) (Note: No individual bonuses are given for these items.)
1000 Cleared with Poison Needle Equip Poison needle weapon
1000 Cleared using Orichalcum Spoon Equip Orichalcum Spoon shield
500 Cleared without allies or items Complete a level without a teammate and without using items