In games with mini medals, mini medal collectors are a staple of the Dragon Quest series. Individuals looking for these coin-sized trinkets are usually found in remote or hard-to-reach places in the worlds they call home. Often, the Medal King or another obsessive collector carries a suite of rare relics that they will happily give up in trade for the petite medallions. Most live in palaces, but others have used equally elaborate venues from which they oversee the quests.


Dragon Quest III

In remake versions since the Game Boy Color, the Medal Manor can be found in the southeast well in Aliahan, where the proprietor collects mini medals for prizes.

Dragon Quest IV

Known as Minikin's Dominion, a palace is located in the northeast corner of the map. Aside from King Minikin, the palace also contains an inn in the basement and a Travel Gate on the upper floors. It's also notable for being very close to the cave where the Zenithian armour is stored.

Dragon Quest V

A palace known as King Dominico's Dominion

Dragon Quest VI

A palace known as Medford's Manor. Unlocked after defeating Jamirus

Dragon Quest VII

In the 3DS remake, the palace is known as King Maximo's Mansion. Unlocked after surfacing the Wetlock subcontinent.

Dragon Quest VIII

A palace known as Princess Minnie's Castle, it is located on an island in the strait between the two eastern continents. Princess Minnie wants to find them, but must tend to the King.

Dragon Quest IX

Known as Cap'n Meddlin's castle, it is located on the raised area in north west Dourbridge. Cap'n Max Meddlin' is the man to see.

Dragon Quest XI

The medal collector is not a king in a palace, but the principal of a school. His office is in an interior garden at l'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles, where the Luminary can become an écolier honoraire and get a book of stamps to track the quest.

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