Eric is Olivia's lover who was imprisoned aboard the Phantom Ship. He sails on it aimlessly as a ghost.


Galen is Tania's boyfriend in Baharata. He plans to take over the pepper shop from Tania's grandfather. He is captured by Robbin' 'ood while attempting to rescue Tania in the Cave East of Baharata.


Garin, or Garai (ガーライ), as he is known as in the original Japanese version. is a non-player character in Dragon Quest III. He lives in an isolated home in northeastern Alefgard during Dragon Quest III. In the time period between Dragon Quest III and Dragon Quest, he founds the town of Garinham near his home. He is later buried in the town in a dungeon named the Grave of Garinham. Garin is known for possessing the Silver Harp.


Although his home is located in northeastern Alefgard, Garin is located in the city of Cantlin during the time of Dragon Quest III. He provides a clue as to the location of his harp when talked to by the hero.

In the Gameboy version of Dragon Quest and after, his spirit can be found in Domdora after defeating the Dragon Lord. He will comment about the town and how when he closes his eyes, he can see the Domdora of yesteryear before fading away. Once he is gone, the music of the town will change to the standard town music.


Himiko is the female ruler of Zipangu. She is an evil ruler who oppresses and deceives the people into making human sacrifices to the Orochi. Himiko possesses the Purple Orb.

Norud the Hobbit

Also called Norud the Dwarf. Norud lives in a cave east of Ashalam which connects to the region of Baharata. However, Norud does not allow travelers to use his cave for passage. He is friends with the king of Portoga.


Olivia and Eric are lovers who were separated by his imprisonment and death. As a result, Olivia threw herself off the cliffs near the Shrine Jail. Her spirit haunts the area and prevents ships from reaching the shrine.


Simon is is known for being banished from the kingdom of Samanao by its imposter king and then later being imprisoned and dying within the Shrine Jail. He was the owner of of the Sword of Gaia.


Tania is the granddaughter of the owner of the pepper shop in Baharata. She is kidnapped by Robbin' 'ood and held in the Cave East of Baharata. Her boyfriend is Galen.