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The following is a list of quests in Dragon Quest IX.

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Quest #001 - #010[]

Quest #001 - "One Good Turn"
Location Angel Falls
Available at After defeating the Hexagoon
Requested by Questelle
Response to Questelle
Requirement Tangleweb
Reward Sleeping hibiscus
Detail You've been asked by a girl called Questelle in Angel Falls to go and find a Tangleweb. Try investigating the big spider's web on the other side of the river just outside the village. Keep your eyes peeled for something twinkly...
  • You found a tangleweb for Questelle in Angel Falls, and she gave you a sleeping hibiscus in return. She told you to look for twinkly spots, as they show there's an item in that location. You can do this quest as many times as you like.
Hint for solution Tangleweb at the giant cobweb outside of the village. (See the map below.) This quest is repeatable.
Angel Falls Pass - Tabgedweb

Location of Tangleweb (red star)

Quest #002 - "Pleased as Punch"
Location Stornway church
Available at Upon arriving Stornway
Requested by Ricki
Response to Ricki
Requirement Perform the Party Trick 'Air Punch' to Ricki
Reward Pirouette (party trick)
Detail A girl named Ricki in the church in Stornway wants you to egg her on with an air punch.
Hint for solution You can assign party tricks by using the Misc. menu.

Quest #003 - "We Like to Party"
Location Stornway church
Available at After completing Quest #002 and
Accepted King Schott's request to go to Loch Storn to slay the Wight Knight.
Requested by Ricki
Response to Ricki
Requirement Egg On Ricki
Reward Pray (Party Trick)
Detail Ricki in the church in Stornway has asked you to egg her on with another party trick.
Hint for solution You can assign a combination of four party tricks to be used right after another by using the Down party trick slot.

Quest #004 - "Pick Me Up A Panacea"
Location Stornway plaza
Available at After defeating Morag
Alchemy enabled
Requested by Bill
Response to Bill
Requirement Panacea
Reward Gleeban guinea and Recipes for the following: Strength ring, Slime earrings, Bow tie, Agility ring, Prayer ring, and Life ring
Detail Bill, a scholar from Stornway, wants you to make him some Panacea. Apparently you can make it using alchemy.
Hint for solution To complete this quest, you need to collect 7 Medicinal herb and 1 Moonwort bulb.

First go to Quester's Rest and talk to Krak Pot, use Alchemy to

(You can, of course, skip some of these steps if you already own some of the materials)

Give Panacea to Bill to complete the quest.

Quest #005 - "Herb'list"
Location Northwestern tower of Stornway Castle
Available at Upon arriving at Stornway Castle
Requested by Angus
Response to Angus
Requirement Medical herb, Antidotal herb, Moonwort bulb
Reward Gleeban Groat
Detail A soldier called Angus has asked you to bring him one each of the following: a medical herb, an antidotal herb and a moonwort bulb. He can be found upstair in Stornway Castle.
Hint for solution Medical herb, Antidotal herb can be bought in item store of Stornway. Moonwort bulb can be bought in Zere.

Quest #006 - "Get Well Water"
Location Northwestern tower of Stornway Castle
Available at After finishes Quest #5 and defeated Wight Knight
Requested by Angus
Response to Angus
Requirement Angel's Tears
Reward Seed of life
Detail * Angus, the soldier who can be found upstairs in Stornway Castle, has asked you to bring him a remedy from Angel Falls that's supposed to be good for curing headaches.
  • You've agreed to look for a remedy that Angus in Stornway Castle needs. According to the man in front of the waterfall at Angel Falls, you'll need to find some fresh water if you want him to make the necessary medicine.
Hint for solution After receiving this quest, go to Angel Falls. Talk to the man on the bridge in front of the waterfall, and he will tell you that he need some fresh water to dilute the water from Angel Falls lest whoever drinks it will have tummy problem.
You can find a jug of Fresh water in the northwest corner of Slurry Coast
Take the fresh water to the man before the water fall and you will receive a bottle of Angel's Tears, take the Angel's Tears to Angus and you can complete the quest.

Quest #007 - "Curious Crevice"
Location The well at northeastern corner of Stornway Castle
Available at Upon arriving at Stornway Castle
Requested by Hamish
Response to Hamish
Requirement Slimedrop
Reward Seed of strength
Detail You met a bit of a ruffian called Hamish down the well in Stornway Castle, and he asked you to bring him a slimedrop. He seems to think he can use it to squeeze through a narrow gap.
Hint for solution All monsters from Slime family has 1/64 - 1/8 of chance to drop a Slimedrop

Quest #008 - "Don't Cry Over Spilt Ink"
Location The study at northwestern corner of the Central Hall of Stornway Castle
Available at Upon arriving at Stornway Castle
Requested by Earnan
Response to Earnan
Requirement Magic Water
Reward Seed of magic
Detail An old man in Stornway Castle wants you to bring him some magic water. He says he needs to remove some black ink from a very important-sounding book.
Hint for solution Magic Water can be created with Holy water x1, Royal soil x1, Nectar x1. Its recipe can be found in Coffinwell, Dr. Phlegming's laboratory.

You can also find Magic water on:

Quest #009 - "Labour of Love"
Location Stornway - Armour Store
Available at After defeating Morag
Requested by Julia
Response to Julia
Requirement Evencloth
Reward Pretty betsy
Detail Julia from Stornway has asked you to bring her an Evencloth. She seems to think the Ragged reapers around Zere drop them from time to time.
Hint for solution Fight Ragged reapers in Zere region, there is 1/16 chance of dropping evencloth.

Quest #010 - "Wings of Love"
Location Stornway Checkpoint
Available at Upon arriving at the checkpoint
Requested by Romeo
Response to Romeo
Requirement Wing of bat
Reward 200 G
Detail Romeo, the soldier at the Stornway checkpoint, asked you to bring him a wing of bat. He says the Drackmages near Zere often drop them.
Hint for solution You can find Wing of Bat on:

Quest #011 - #020[]

Quest #011 - "The Not-So-Great Escape"
Location Coffinwell's well
Available at After acquired the Ultimate key
Requested by Prisoner in the well
Response to Prisoner in the well
Requirement Hammer handrills
Reward Unhappy hat
Detail There's a prisoner in the cell in the well in Coffinwell who wants you to bring him some hammer handrills to help him break out!
Hint for solution Alchemy recipe: 1 Handrills + 5 Iron nails + 1 Iron ore = Hammer handrills

Quest #012 - "Putting on the Glitz"
Location Porth Llaffan
Available at After completing the Jona Quests at Porth Llaffan
Requested by Glitzy
Response to Glitzy
Requirement Equip as much precious metal armor and weapons as possible. This includes Platinum, Gold, etc. There are multiple combinations that work all of which involved shiny and glitzy metals, hence the title of the quest. Style points are unrelated to completion.
Reward Majestic mantle
Detail There's an young woman with white bunny ears in Porth Llaffan who wants you to put on an outfit that will wow her.
Hint for solution Your equipment has to raise your Style past 230.

Quest #013 - "All Fired Up"
Location Dourbridge
Available at Upon arriving at Dourbridge
Requested by An old man outside the pub
Response to An old man outside the pub
Requirement Any item that can burn
Reward 1G
Detail There's an old man in Dourbridge who need something to stoke his fire. Anything will do!
Hint for solution Give him something not-so-rare, but also not-so-cheap to receive a better cash reward. For example Horse Manure will do fine.

Quest #014 - "Snug as a Thug"
Location Dourbridge
Available at After defeating the Garth Goyle
Requested by Colden
Response to Colden
Requirement Something snug and warm will do.
Reward Utility belt
Detail Colden wants your party to bring him something soft and snug to keep him warm.
Hint for solution Lambswool is sold at Batsureg and dropped by several different monsters.

Quest #015 - "Collapsus's Call"
Location Heights of Loneliness - L7
Available at Upon arriving at Heights of Loneliness
Requested by Christopher Collapusus
Response to Christopher Collapusus
Requirement Special medicine
Reward Treasure Map - Granite Tunnel of Woe Lv. 1
Detail An explorer called Christopher Collapsus wants some special medicine to help him out of tight spot at the Height of Loneliness.
Hint for solution You can alchemise Special medicine before you come here with 2x Strong medicine.

Quest #016 - "Help Meowt Here!"
Location Bloomingdale - Second floor of Inn
Available at Upon arriving in Bloomingdale
Cat ears equipped on any member
Requested by Meowser
Response to Meowser
Requirement Cat ears
Reward Kitty shield
Detail A cat called Meowser in Bloomingdale has meowed a request at you!
Hint for solution Buy them from the armour shop or alchemise them using x2 Kitty litter and a Hairband.

Quest #017 - "You Shouldn't Have... Really"
Location Angel Falls
Available at After visiting Alltrades Abbey
Requested by Chanterelle
Response to Chanterelle
Requirement 5 Belle caps and 5 Fisticups
Reward Prayer ring
Detail Chanterelle from Angel Falls wants you to bring her some mushrooms that she can use to make a packed lunch for her father who is busy with his research. She'd like five belle caps and five fisticups
Hint for solution Belle caps and Fisticups are dropped by the Morphean mushrooms in Coffinwell. They can also be found on the map at various places as grouped shiny dots on the floor. After you have found them you should report back to her. She then asks you to go to The Hexagon to give it to 'papa' . You then have to return back to Chanterelle to get your reward.

Quest #018 - "Our Precious Precious"
Location Mountain Pass
Available at After completing Bloomingdale
Requested by Pauline
Response to Pauline
Requirement Precious
Reward Seed of skill
Detail Pauline, a woman you bumped into at mountain pass, wants you to help find her children's beloved pet, Precious. Apparently, Precious is very shy, and won't come out unless he feels safe.
Hint for solution According to the kids you should dress up as a slime and go hunt slimes alone (unless you really want to make a slime costume for all your characters) after a while a slime with a sad face will follow you out of battle. Go back and talk to Pauline. You will need to wear only slime gear. Examples include a Slood, Gooey gear, and Slime earrings.

Quest #019 - "Moving House"
Location Stornway - Outside northwest house
Available at After visiting Alltrades Abbey
Requested by Old Man
Response to Old Man
Requirement Raging ruby
Reward Life ring
Detail The old man who's trying to move his house gives you a Strength ring. Now you just need to use alchemy to turn it into a Raging ruby.
Hint for solution Prepare a Raging ruby by combining the strength ring he gives you. It can be created by combining a Strength ring with a Corundum. You can find a Corundum in Slurry Coast.

Quest #020 - "A Masky Task"
Location Stornway - Northwest house
Available at After Alchemy becomes available
Requested by Malinda
Response to Malinda
Requirement Papillon mask
Reward Stiletto heels and a Jaguarment
Detail Malinda from Stornway wants to see if you can make a Malleable mask even more beautiful with alchemy. She said she would be happy enough just to see the result, but if you give it to her, she'll swap it for a Stiletto heels and a Jaguarment.
Hint for solution First you'll need to make a Malleable mask through alchemy. This requires a Circlet, x2 Butterfly wing and x2 Narspicious. Next of all you'll need to make your Papillon mask. To make this you will need a Malleable mask, a Dread dagger and x3 Narspicious.