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The following is a list of quests in Dragon Quest IX.

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Quest #021 - #030[]

Quest #021 - "Spud-She-Like"
Location Stornway - West house
Available at After Alchemy becomes available
Requested by Alison
Response to Alison
Requirement Sunstone
Reward Saint's Ashes
Detail Alison from Stornway wants you to make her a Sunstone. She says you can make one using Mirrorstones, Lucida shards and Hephaestus' flames, but she doesn't know how many you'll need of each ingredient.
Hint for solution To make a Sunstone by combining x3 Mirrorstones, x2 Lucida shard and a Hephaestus' flame.

Quest #022 - "Mantle à La Mode"
Location Stornway - Armour Store
Available at After Alchemy becomes available
Requested by Kalvin
Response to Kalvin
Requirement Macabre mantle
Reward Lunar fan
Detail Stornway fashion designer Kalvin wants you to make him a Macabre mantle. He says he'd be happy enough just to see it, but he'll swap it for a Lunar fan if you're willing to actually give it to him.
Hint for solution Talk to Kalvin in the Stornway armour shop to start this quest. Next, head to the inn and to make a Macabre mantle combine a Dark robe, x4 Wings of Bat, and x3 Terrible tattoos. Bring it back to Kalvin to finish the quest.

Quest #023 - "Research Assistant"
Location Stornway - Castle Library
Available at After completing Quest #8
Requested by Earnan
Response to Earnan
Requirement Find an ancient manuscript showing the connection between Brigadoom and Stornway in the Stornway Castle.
Reward 3 Seed of sorcery
Detail Earnan wants you to try and find an ancient manuscript showing the connection between Brigadoom and Stornway in the Stornway Castle.
Hint for solution Make your way towards the Castle's treasure's room. Examine the opened red box in the middle and you should find a crumpled piece of paper. Go back to Earnan. Then bring him three vials of Magic Water and you're done.

Quest #024 - "Battering Betterflies"
Location Zere - Outside Church
Available at Reach Level 25
Requested by George
Response to George
Requirement Drive Betterflies from George's Farm
Reward Seed of defense
Detail Scare 10 Betterflies while in George's Farm
Hint for solution Have someone at a high enough level to make the Betterfly flee from you in battle, guard from them until they flee. Level 25 is sufficient enough for them to flee from you.

Quest #025 - "Warbling Wellard"
Location Zere - Outside Church
Available at After visiting Alltrades Abbey
Requested by Wellard
Response to Wellard
Requirement Birdsong nectar
Reward Gleeban gold piece
Detail Thick-voiced thug Wellard from Zere wants you to bring him some Birdsong nectar to smooth his voice.
Hint for solution You can make Birdsong nectar by combining x3 Nectar, x1 Fresh Water and x5 Sleeping hibiscus. The quest can be repeated.

Quest #026 - "Doug and the Sluggers"
Location Coffinwell - Outside the Mayor's House
Available at After visiting Alltrades Abbey
Requested by Doug
Response to Doug
Requirement Kill 10 Sluggers
Reward Mini medal / Snakeskin (on repeat)
Detail Poor old Doug in Coffinwell has had his feelings hurt by his granddaughter, who said he looked like a slugger. He wants you to make him feel better by going just outside town and battering ten of them.
Hint for solution Sluggers are located outside of Coffinwell.

Quest #027 - "Big-Headed Bard"
Location Coffinwell - Between the armor and item shop
Available at After visiting Alltrades Abbey
Requested by Earnest
Response to The nun in Coffinwell church
Requirement Technicolour dreamcloth
Reward Elfin charm
Detail A poet in Coffinwell called Earnest wants you to find him a bolt of Technicolour dreamcloth. Once you've found it, he wants you to present it to the nun in the church, along with a love poem he wrote for her.
Hint for solution To make a Technicolour dreamcloth combine x3 Grubby bandage, a Brighten rock and a Celestial skein. The nun is located outside Coffinwell Church, find her and give all the Technicolour dreamcloth and the love poem to her.

Quest #028 - "Desert Foxes"
Location Djust Desert
Available at Upon arriving at Gleeba
Requested by Back of sign SW of Gleeba
Response to Back of sign SW of Gleeba
Requirement Ten Duneberries
Reward Platinum ore for first completion. Silver platter for subsequent quest completions.
Detail According to the back of a sign you saw just outside Gleeba, A Gleeban beauty who runs a group called the Desert Foxes is looking for ten duneberries that Parched peckerel tend to drop. This quest is repeatable.
Hint for solution Once obtaining all the Ten Duneberries talk to the dancer in the upper left side of the dancing hall.

Quest #029 - "Fool's Gold"
Location Gleeba - Headquarter of Gleeban Royal Guard
Available at Upon arriving at Gleeba
Requested by Ruki
Response to Ruki
Requirement Defeat Gold Plated Golem
Reward 1000 gold, 500 gold for subsequent quest completions.
Detail Ruki, a trainee guard from Gleeba, told you about a strange request he'd received. Apparently, the Gold golem who roam the Djust Desert want someone to go after the fake gold-plated golem in their midst.
Hint for solution Keep fighting Gold golems. When you defeat the right one, the fake's plating will fall off and the quest will be completed.

Quest #030 - "Wrapper's Delight"
Location Gleeba - Headquarter of Gleeban Royal Guard
Available at Upon arriving at Gleeba
Requested by Mehdik
Response to Mehdik
Requirement 5 Grubby bandages
Reward Ruby of protection
Detail Mehdik, a guard from Gleeba, asked you to grab five Grubby bandages from Mummies.
Hint for solution You can find Manky mummies in The Plumbed Depths, steal Grubby bandage from them using a thief party member who has learnt "Half-Inch" or kill them and hope they drop some.

Quest #031 - #040[]

Quest #031 - "Feathers for a Fan"
Location Gleeba - Dance hall
Available at Upon arriving at Gleeba
Requested by Afan
Response to Afan
Requirement 3 Item icon Hocus chimaera feather
Reward Legwear Magical skirt
Detail Afan, a young man who hangs around in the dance hall in Gleeba wants you to bring him three hocus chimaera feather so he can impress Belinda, a girl who struts her stuff there.
Hint for solution Kill Hocus chimaeras at the Heights of Loneliness to get these items

Quest #032 - "Oil Get It!"
Location Gleeba - Middle of Town
Available at After completing main story
Requested by Peregrine
Response to Peregrine
Requirement turbo toad oil
Reward two thousand gold coins
Detail A Peddler called Peregrine in Gleeba has asked you to fetch some turbo toad oil. You can get hold of some by defeating an expload with a critical attack.
Hint for solution Kill an Expload with a critical attack. Use Hatchet Man or Thunder Thrust to get critical hits more easily.

Quest #033 - "Lady of the Dance"
Location Gleeba - Mirage Mahal - L1 library
Available at Upon arriving at Gleeba
Requested by A book
Response to A book
Requirement Defeat Goodybags
Reward Belly Dance Party Trick
Detail You read a book in the Mirage Mahal begging someone to seek out the legendary belly-dancing teacher of the Iluugazar Plains. Apparently, he's very pretty, and always adorn with jewels...
Hint for solution Go to Iluugazar Plains and kill the Goodybags there. Eventually the dancer (a special Goodybag) will show up and teach you how to belly dance.

Quest #034 - "A Simple Task"
Location Batsureg
Available at After defeating Larstastnaras.
Requested by Chuluun
Response to Chuluun
Requirement Simple Simon or Simple Simone accolade
Reward Veteran's helm
Detail A girl called Chuluun from Batsureg wants to know just how simple a Simple Simon and a Simple Simone would be. Attain one or the other accolade and show Chuluun what she needs to see.
Hint for solution It seems like you'll get the accolade after equipping Erdrick's helmet and checking the Battle Records screen.

Quest #035 - "All Dolled Up"
Location Batsureg
Available at Upon arriving at Batsureg
Requested by Enkh
Response to Enkh
Requirement Rag doll
Reward Einhänder
Detail Enkh from Batsureg needs you to recover Batkhaan's doll. You have to search the Iluugazar Plains for a Brainy badboon and use Half-Inch after putting the beast to sleep. If you're lucky, you'll be able to snatch back the doll.
Hint for solution More info collecting...

Quest #036 - "Little Miss Bossy Boots"
Location Swinedimples Academy - Level 1, in front of the bulletin board
Available at After speaking with the gangs
Requested by Alchemilla
Response to Alchemilla
Requirement 2 Item icon Royal soil and holy water
Reward swinedimples salute Party Trick
Detail Alchemilla, a pupil at Swinedimples, wants to know if you've got what it takes to enter the academy. It sounds like she'll be satisfied if you just bring her two lots of royal soil.
Hint for solution Royal soil appears by Porth Llaffan and the forest near Batzorig's mother's grave.

Quest #037 - "Funghi for a Fun Guy"
Location Pluvi Isle - Southwestern island (inside the Well)
Available at Upon arriving at Pluvi Isle
Requested by Gus
Response to Gus
Requirement 3x Item icon Belle cap
Reward Finessence
Magic Beast Horn (if quest is repeated)
Detail Gus, the artist at the well faraway, wants to create a belle cap paradise. He needs you to bring him three belle caps, which apparently grow on the little island in the sea to the east of Gleeba.
Hint for solution List of alchemy ingredients in Dragon Quest IX provides information on where Belle caps can be found. This quest is repeatable.

Quest #038 - "Muffled Admiration"
Location Wormwood Creek - Weapon Shop
Available at not sure
Requested by Scarface
Response to Scarface
Requirement More info collecting...
Reward Elfin elixir
Detail A warrior from Wormwood Creek wants you to pass on some handmade scarves he made for a selection of sanguinis.
Hint for solution Find and defeat: Teeny sanguini, Pink sanguini, and Genie sanguini.

Quest #039 - "Follow That Fish!"
Location Porth Llaffan - Jona's House
Available at after finishing the main story
Requested by Jona Jones
Response to Jona Jones
Reward Starflight Express become summonable and able to embark anywhere.
Detail Jona Jones from Porth Llaffan thinks she might have seen the real Leviathan, and has asked you to find a way of summoning the great sea-beast. It seems there was once a woman known as Lleviathan's serenader in the village...
Hint for solution Click here for detail.

Quest #040 - "Man Eating Vegetables"
Location Angel Falls
Available at after completing main story
Requested by Veginia
Response to Veginia
Requirement Medicinal Herb
Reward Yggdrasil Dew x3
Detail A worried woman in the village shop in Angel Falls wants you to earn the 'Herbalist' accolade and hopefully set her mind at rest.
Hint for solution Use 100 Medicinal Herbs to get the accolade, then set it as your active title and talk to Veginia again.