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The following is a list of quests in Dragon Quest IX.

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Quest #181 - #184[]

Quest #181 - "Can we Borya for a Second?"
Location Tower of Nod
Available at ?
Requested by Man south of the tower
Response to Man south of the tower
Requirement Talk to him while dressed as Borya.
Reward Depressing shoes
Detail Equip Borya's bouffant, Borya's robe & Borya's boots
Hint for solution Talk to Borya in the inn in Stornway then again on your birthday and again when the inn is full and he gives you the pieces of equipment. You need to canvass 30 guests via Tag Mode to fill the inn, and wi-fi to obtain Borya as a special guest.

Quest #182 - "An Immaculate Conception"
Location Stornway Castle
Available at After completing Quest 169
Requested by Man on 1F
Response to Man on 1F
Requirement Goddess shield
Reward Purple Orb
Detail ?
Hint for solution Goddess shield can be made with an Orichalcum, a saintess shield and a goddess ring

Quest #183 - "Poison Needle 1 Ow 1"
Location Swinedinples academy
Available at ?
Requested by Female ghost in the old school
Response to Female ghost in the old school
Requirement Poison needle
Reward Pruning knife
Detail ?
Hint for solution Get a Master moosifer down to 1hp and defeat him with the poison needle

Quest #184 - "Bleats Me"
Location Inside the cave at the Lonely Coast
Available at after you beat the game and have started the grotto missions
Requested by A sheep
Response to A sheep
Requirement The sheep wants a Venus' tear
Reward Nokturnus' Map Lv.1
Detail A sheep in the cave at the lonely coast wants something
Hint for solution A Venus's tear can be obtained by completing quest #59.