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Ruggedness skills (サバイバル, Survival) are learned via the Ranger class.


Dragon Quest IX[]

SP Ability Description MP
4 Soothe Sayer Calms down an enraged opponent, while reducing its tension by 1 level. 2
10 Natural Deftness +10 Increases your max deftness
16 Mercy Offers enemies a chance to flee. 0
22 Natural Agility +20 Increases your max agility
32 Vanish Allows party move on the field without being spotted by enemies (similar to holy water). In battle, the user is attacked less by enemies. 3
42 Natural Resilience +20 Increases your max defence
55 Mist Me Summons a fog that absorbs the next enemy attack. 5
68 Natural Deftness +20 Increases your max deftness
82 Wolf Whistle Summons two wolves that attack the enemy. This skill hits twice, and damage is based on user's deftness. 16
100 Natural Deftness +60 Increases your max deftness
Increases the probability of a Critical Hit and Haywire Spell by 25% when HP is less than 25%. Must have the Ranger's Revelations manual in inventory

Dragon Quest X[]

SP Ability Description MP
2 Mercy Allows weak enemies to escape 2
22 Tend 0
46 Metal Trapper Prevents Metal slimes and other monsters from fleeing a battle 1
68 Mist Me Summons a fog that causes physical and breath attacks to fail 5
78 Natural Magical Might +20 Increases your maximum Magical Might by 20
100 Wolf Whistle 6
130 Jaundiced Joust Summons a black fog that lowers enemies' attack and magicial might while dazzling them. 4
140 Ridgeraiser Summons an earth sigil that inflicts devastating damage on a group of enemies every time they try to act. 16
150 Ruff Rider Sumons a White wolf and attacks the enemy 4 times. 6
180 Cerberus Rondo Summons the feared dog himself, attacking an enemy 3 times and ignoring defence. 10
200 Green Butterfly Cutters 8

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