The following is a list of shrines in Dragon Quest II.

Fire Shrine

The Fire Shrine is a teleportal hub. It is also the location of the Sun Seal.

Rubiss Shrine

The Rubiss Shrine is located on a tiny island south of Lorasia. It is where the heroes receive the Rubiss Charm after collecting the 5 Seals.

Shrine north of Beran

Shrine northeast of Lorasia

Shrine of Rhone

The shrine of Rhone is the only landmark aside from Hargon's Castle in Rhone.

Shrine south of Lorasia

Shrine south of Rhone

The shrine south of Rhone connects to the entrance to the Cave to Rhone. It is accessible only from Beran.

Shrine west of Cannock

The shrine west of Cannock connects the large northern and central continents in Torland. Its access is blocked until the player has 2 party members.

Shrine west of Lianport

Shrine west of Moonbrooke

The shrine west of Moonbrooke crosses a river and provides passage from Moonbrooke to the Dragons Horn.

Shrine west of Zahan

Southern Shrine

See main article: Southern Shrine

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