Little Shrine

The Little Shrine located near the Path of Promise (Cave of Enticement). An old man lives here who advises the hero that he must have a Wrecking ball for the upcoming cave. The remakes also include a bookshelf article on the potential of whips and boomerangs.

Desert Shrine

This shrine is located in a swamp east of Isis.

Wayfarer's Chapel

The Wayfarer's Shrine serves as part of the path to reach Manoza for the first time after the Ultimate Key is obtained. It contains a two teleportals leading to the right portal in Teleportal Shrine and Olivia's Promontory.

Shrine Jail

Shrine Jail, also referred to as Shrine of Shackles by a resident, lies beyond the strait of Olivia's Promontory. The prison cannot be sailed to until Olivia's restless spirit has been calmed, meaning that the Hero must retrieve the Locket of Love from the rotten hull of the Phantom ship. This frees the soul of Eric, and the two ghosts reunite at last in the skies over the promontory as they ascend to heaven together.

Within the prison lies two lingering spirits, one of whom was a man known as Simão. He tells the Hero to search near his skeletal remains to retrieve the Mountaincleaver, allowing the party passage into the Maw of the Necrogond.

Wayfarer's Inn

Wayfarer's Inn is located on the mainland north of Jipang. Also has a teleportal behind a Ultimate Key door leading to the Wayfarer's Shrine.

Wayfarer's Shrine

Wayfarer's Shrine is located on the coast northwest of Theddon and southwest of Portoga. It contains a teleportal to the Wayfarer's Inn

Shallows Shrine

Shallows Shrine is found by traveling north of Mur by ship and using the Bottomless pot on the shoals to reveal it. The Ultimate Key is found in a chest upon entry.

Shrine of Leiamland

Shrine where Lamias egg rests. Has pedestals for the Six Orbs to be placed in order to hatch Lamia. In the remakes of Dragon Quest III, this shrine later contains the entrance to the second bonus dungeon.

Shrine of the Dwarf

Shrine of the Dwarf is north of the four mountains where the Yggdrasil leaf is found. Residents include a dwarf claiming to have journeyed with Ortega, as well as two cats. One of which tells the Hero and party about the Yggdrasil leaf.

Olivia's Promontory

Olivia's Promontory is located by the river of the Promontory. It contains two teleportal leading to the right room in Wayfarer's Chapel and the center portal in Teleportal Shrine.

Teleportal Shrine

Teleportal Shrine is a teleportal hub shrine. Contains 3 different teleportals. They lead to Romarian Outpost (Left), Olivia's Promontory (Center) and the left room in Wayfarer's Chapel (Right).

Portoga Lighthouse

Portoga Lighthouse is a shrine just south of the castle of Portoga.

Romarian Outpost

Romarian Outpost is a shrine which connects Romaria to the country of Portoga. Contains a Magic Key door, as well as an Ultimate Key door blocking a teleportal to the Teleportal Shrine.

Necrogond Shrine

Southern Shrine

Main article: Southern Shrine

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