Shrine East of Aliahan

Located near the Tempt Cave (Cave of Enticement). An old man lives here who advises the hero that he must have a magic bomb for the upcoming cave.

Shrine East of Isis

This shrine is located in a swamp east of Isis.

Shrine East of Samanao

This shrine serves as part of the path to reach Samanao for the first time. It contains a teleportal which connects to another continent.

Shrine Jail

Shrine located on an island accessible from a river to the east. Protected from ships by the spirit of Olivia. This shrine contains Simon and the Sword of Gaia.

Shrine North of Zipangu

Shrine with an inn located on the mainland north of Zipangu. Also has a teleportal behind a Final Key door.

Shrine Northwest of Tedanki

A shrine located on the coast northwest of Tedanki and southwest of Portoga.

Shrine of Leiamland

Shrine where Lamias egg rests. Has pedestals for the Six Orbs to be placed in order to hatch Lamia. In the remakes of Dragon Quest III, this shrine later contains the entrance to the second bonus dungeon.

Shrine of Olivia

Shrine on the Promontory

Shrine South of Greenlad

A teleportal hub shrine. Contains 3 different teleportals.

Shrine South of Portoga

A lighthouse shrine just south of Portoga.

Shrine West of Romaly

A shrine which connects Romaly to the country of Portoga. Contains a Magic Key door.

Shrine South of Mercado

Southern Shrine

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