Dragon Quest Wiki

Most of spells introduced in the original NES version of Dragon Quest had a different translation, so in later re-releases, they would retroactively have their name changed to reflect the modern naming scheme.

Name Level Learned MP Cost Spell Type Effect
Heal 3 3 Defensive Heals about 25 HP.
Sizz (Hurt) 4 2 Offensive Deals about 15-20 damage to an enemy. In the remakes, the Fire blade can be used as a tool in battle to cast a MP-free version of Sizz.
Snooze (Sleep) 7 2 Defensive Puts an enemy to sleep. The Faerie Flute can also be used to cast a MP-free version of the spell (not in the NES Version).
Glow (Radiant) 9 3 Non-combat Causes the Hero to shine with a large radius, making a torch mostly unnecessary. With time, the radius reduces until it needs to be recasted. Must be inside a dark, enclosed area.
Fizzle (Stopspell) 10 2 Defensive Stops an enemy from casting spells.
Evac (Outside) 12 6 Non-combat Teleports the Hero to the outside of the dungeon.
Zoom (Return) 13 8 Non-combat Teleports the Hero to Tantegel Castle. Must be outside.
Holy Protection (Repel) 15 2 Non-combat Prevents monsters from appearing as often.
Midheal (Healmore) 17 10 Defensive Heals about 90 HP.
Sizzle (HurtMore) 19 5 Offensive Deals about 60 damage to an enemy.