MP  Effect
Antidote Both (PsM/12  PC/6) 3 Removes the effects of poison from the selected ally.
Chance PsM/25 15 Random effects.
Defeat PC/23 4 Attempts to kill a group of enemies.
Defence PsM/10 2 Lowers the defence of enemies.
Explodet PsM/19 8 Affects all enemies for about 50 damage.
Firebal PC/3 2 Affects a single target for approximately 18 damage.
Firebane PC/18 4 Affects all enemies for about 40 damage.
Heal PC/1 3 Restores approximately 20 health points to a single ally.
Healmore Both (PsM/1 PC/14) 5 Restores around 45 health points to a single ally.
Healall PsM/15 8 Completely restores the health of one ally.
Increase PC/20 2 Heightens the defence of all allies.
Infernos PsM/4 4 Damages a group of enemies for about 20 health points.
Open PsM/23 2 Opens doors without the need of the Silver, Gold, or Jailor keys.
Outside Both (PsM/17 PC/12) 6 Transports you outside of a tower or cave.
Repel PsM/8 2 Weaker enemies are warded off.
Return PC/10 6 Transports you to the last place you saved at.
Revive PC/25 15 Brings one ally back from the dead.
Sacrifice PC/28 1 Kills all enemies at the cost of the caster's life.
Sleep PsM/2 2 Attempt putting a group of enemies to sleep.
Stepguard Both (PsM/21 PC/17) 4 Keeps floors from damaging you for a while.
Stopspell PC/8 3 Attempts to prevent enemies from casting spells.
Surround PsM/6 2 Lowers enemies' attack success.

^Please note that this list accounts only for the NES version.  The GBC version is not covered.

^^PsM stands for Princess of Moonebrooke, and and PC stands for Prince of Cannock.

Interesting notes on Spells:

  • Chance uses less MP at sea than on land.  If used on Malroth, he remains unaffected, and his health is fully replenished.
  • Be extremely cautious when using Sacrifice, as it is only learned by the Prince of Cannock, and he is also the only character that learns Revive.  It does not work on Malroth.
  • Although it usually lasts long enough, do not put too much faith into Stepguard, for it does eventually run out.
  • Even though Stopspell misses frequently, it will almost always work on any enemy.
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