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The following is a list of status conditions in the Dragon Quest series.


Introduced in the first game, a sleeping character is typically incapable of any action. Those afflicted with sleep will eventually wake up and can sometimes be jarred awake when attacked.


Introduced in Dragon Quest II, a poisoned character will steadily lose HP while moving around on the overworld and, depending on the potency of the poison, during battle as well. Poisoned enemies will always lose HP in battle. Poisoning can be eliminated at churches and also by the player by using items such as antidotal herbs and spells like Squelch.


Confusion can paralyze you ([name] is too flustered to move!), not allow you to move([name] tries to attack, but their body cannot keep up), attack at random (including team-mates) or in enimies cases, flee.


Introduced in Dragon Quest III, a paralyzed character is incapable of acting. The affliction, when applied to player characters, must be cured in battle as it essentially never wears off and in some cases will linger after battle (often indicated by the afflicted being frozen and not displaying the usual walking animation). The player's party will be wiped out if every member is paralyzed, making it similar to death in this respect.


These five statuses will cause the player to lose turns until they recover, potentially making the victim a punching bag for other foes in formation with the foe that caused them.


An effect from skills used by the sexy and the fleet-footed, victims are charmed into doing almost anything for the one they become enthralled by. Or, they may simply do nothing and waste a turn.


While technically first occurring in the original Dragon Quest, death was not a treatable affliction until Dragon Quest II, where the player controls a party instead of a single hero (an instance that automatically led to being wiped out upon death). A character counts as being dead the moment their HP hits zero, at which point common healing methods will fail at restoring their health. As one would expect, a dead character cannot do anything and the player will be wiped out if their whole party dies. While repeated damage without healing will clearly lead to death, some spells and abilities, such as Whack and Death Dance, can immediately drop their targets' HP to 0, instantly killing them. At the start of the game players will have to use a church to revive any fallen allies, since Yggdrasil leafs and revival spells such as Zing and Kazing are not available until later on.