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Virtue skills (はくあい, Hakuai) are learned via the Paladin class.


Dragon Quest IX[]

SP Ability Description MP
4 Pincushion Similar to Defend, except the enemy will also suffer damage upon attacking the user, proportionate to the amount of damage dealt. 0
10 Natural Resilience +10 Increases your max defence
16 H-Pathy Transfers a portion of the user's health to another party member. 3
22 Natural Magical Mending +30 Increases your max magical mending
32 M-Pathy Transfers a portion of the user's MP to another party member. 0
42 Natural Resilience +20 Increases your max defence
55 Selflessness Similar to Whipping Boy, but only defends anyone in critical HP. 0
68 Natural Resilience +20 Increases your max defence
82 Forbearance Similar to Whipping Boy, but takes damage for the entire party. 0
100 Maximum HP +80 Increases your max HP
Solar Flair Damages a group of enemies with light, dependent on the user's Magical Mending stat. Requires the 'Paladin's Primer' in a character's inventory to use. 30

Dragon Quest X[]

SP Ability Description MP
2 Pinchusion 3
22 H-Pathy 0
46 Forbearance 0
68 Heavy Charge 4
82 Maximum HP +30 Increases the character's maximum health by 30
100 Defending Champion Puts the user in a defensive stance and reduces damage taken for 15 seconds 8
130 Solar Flair 6
150 Paladin’s Palisade Occasionally cancels out enemy attacks. 6
180 Immutable Stance Grants the user the Heavy Charge status effect, increases their DEF by 2 levels, and 100% guards against various enemy skills like Total War Cry. 8
200 Iron Wall Advancement 8

Dragon Quest XI[]

Known as the Fraternity Character Builder in this entry, it is Hendrik's skill tree, unlocked after the defeat of Tweedledoom and Tweedledeath.

SP Ability Description MP
12 Resilience +20 Increases Hendrik's Resilience by 20
12 Magical Mending +20 Increases Hendrik's Magicial Mending by 20
14 H-Pathy Transfers 30% of his current HP to ally 0
16 Defending Champion Reduces all damage by 90% for one turn 2
16 Forbearance Covers the party for one turn 0
20 Kazing Restore one ally to life 24
20 Hurt Converter Recovers 50% of damage dealt to an enemy for four turns 16
20 Pep Chance 10% Increases Hendrik's Pep Chance by 10

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Fraternité
German Tugend (IX)
Brüderlichkeit (XI)
Spanish Unknown
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown