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Here are weapons in DW3

Name Class(es) Where Price
Attack Power Comment
Cypress Stick All Aliahan and Soo 5/3 2 Better than using nothing at all... Sometimes
Club All except Wz & Fr Aliahan and Soo 30/22 7 Good for starting in most classes
Poison Needle Wz Soo; found in Kanave 10/7 N/A Always causes 1 HP damage, though occasionally hits a vital organ, and causes instant death
Copper Sword All except Wz & Fr Aliahan, Reeve, Romaly 100/75 12 Good for starting Heroes and Soldiers
Magic Knife All except Fr Reeve, Assaram, Lancel 200/150 14 Good for early level Wizards
Wizard's Wand Wz, Sg Noaniels, Samanao 1500/1125 15 Casts Blaze
Thorn Whip Hr, Sr, Sg, Mr, Gf Reeve, Soo, Romaly 320/240 18
Chain Sickle All except Wz and Fr Reeve, Romaly, Assaram 550/412 24 Best weapon before the Cave of Enticement
Iron Spear All except Wz and Fr Romaly, Kanave, Assaram, Lancel 750/562 28 Most powerful Pilgrim weapon before Assaram
Iron Claw Fr Kanave, Samanao 770/577 30 Best normal weapon for Fighters
Staff of Thunder Wz, Sg Near a well in Soo -/1875 30 Casts Firebane in battle
Broad Sword Hr, Sr, Sg, Mr Romaly, Kanave, Assaram, Isis 1500/1125 33 Best weapon before Assaram
Staff of Judgment Pg, Sg Muor, Samanao 2700/2025 35 Casts Infernos in battle
Battle Axe Hr, Sr, Mr Kanave, Assaram, Isis, Lancel 2500/1875 40
Giant Shears Sr Assaram and Isis 3700/2775 48
Sword of Gaia Hr, Sr Shrine Jail -/- 48 Actually a Quest Item, put in the volcano to get to the Cave of Necrogond
Sword of Illusion Sr, Mr, Gf (females only) Portoga -/- 50 Given to you by a woman in Portoga after you defeat Baramos
Staff of Force Pg, Wz, Sg Assaram, Tedanki 2500/1875 55 Converts 3 MP into attack power per attack
Sledge Hammer Sr Tedanki, Muor, Lancel 6500/4875 55
Golden Claw Fr Pyramid, Gold Bashers -/11250 55 Attracts monsters every step
Orochi Sword Hr, Sr, Sg Cave of Jipang -/750 63 Uses Defense in battle, good for Sages
Zombie Slasher Hr, Sr, Pg, Sg, Mr Tedanki, Samanao 9800/7350 65 Best weapon for Pilgrims and Sages; hits undead harder
Dragon Killer Hr, Sr Samanao 15000/11250 77 Hits Dragons harder
Snowblast Sword Hr, Sr Marauders, Swordoids -/11250 80 Casts Snowblast
Thunder Sword Hr, Sr Cave of Necrogond -/5625 85 Casts Boom
Demon Axe Sr Castle of Baramos, Mimics -/375 90 Best weapon for Soldiers in the first world
Thor's Sword Hr, Sr Boss Trolls -/48750 95 Casts Firevolt
Multi-Edge Sword Hr, Sr Charlock Castle, Elysium Birds -/3750 100 Wielder takes 1/4 damage of all attacks
Falcon Sword Hr Rimuldar 25000/18750 5 Lets the wilder attack twice in one round
Sword of Destruction Hr, Sr Rimuldar 45000/37500 110 Wielder occasionally freezes in battle
Staff of Reflection Wz, Sg Archmages -/5250 33 Casts Bounce
Sword of Kings Hr Kol 35000/- 120 Sold in the Item shop in Kol after you sell the Oricon to the shop-keep