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The Loch Tur is a tower dungeon in Dragon Quest IV, and the final location Ragnar visits during the game's first chapter.

Initially it is accessible only by using the Talaria, but can be revisited in Chapter 5 once the party has control of the balloon. The tower serves as the hideout where Psaro's Pawn has been holding kidnapped children.

Local enemies[]


Item Location
Chimaera wing Treasure chest, 3F
Seed of strength Treasure chest, 3F
640 G Treasure chest, 2F
Scale shield Treasure chest, 2F
Cautery sword Treasure chest, 1F
Seed of resilience Treasure chest, 1F


Loch Tur is the Scots spelling of Lake Tower, reflecting the Scottish theme used for Burland in the remake versions.

Other languages[]

Other languages
Italian Torre di Bellavalle
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown