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Lofty Peak is a town in Dragon Quest V. It is the homeland of Queen Madalena, the Hero's mother, before she left with her future husband Pankraz, to live in the kingdom of Gotha.

The people of Lofty Peak, the Loftinians, while still Human, possess much stronger, and peculiar, magical abilities than the average person does, such as an inherent ability to understand and tame animals and Monsters. The Order of Zugzwang specifically targeted and successfully kidnapped Madalena because of said abilities, as they were required to weaken and eventually break the seal that the Loftinians had put on Nadiria, so that Grandmaster Nimzo, the Order's master, could be freed from his imprisonment.

Interestingly, due to some of the implications of Dragon Quest V, it would seem that the settlement of Lofty Peak has a very ancient history, as it already existed somewhere in the Real World seen way back in Dragon Quest IV, never to be visited or seen by the Legendary Hero and the rest of the Chosen; this is due to the fact that the then human Nimzo hailed from this town, before his hubris would lead him to become a follower of the cruel Aamon and transform himself into a demon by using the Secret of Evolution.

Shops and Services[]

Weapon Shop
Item Price Attributes
Dream blade 6300 G Attack +55
War hammer 6500 G Attack +60
Spiked steel whip 7400 G Attack +65
Icicle dirk 9000 G Attack +70
Siren sword 9800 G Attack +70
Somatic staff 2500 G Attack +55

Armour Shop
Item Price Attributes
Silver cuirass 5000 G Defense +40
Magic armour 12000 G Defense +60
Shimmering dress 8000 G Defense +45
Sage's robe 12000 G Defense +60
Dragon shield 7100 G Defense +30
Thinking cap 13000 G Defense +40

8 G

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