Lonalulu is a town in Dragon Quest XI. Located in the south of Erdrea, it is a small, laid-back beach community.


Lonalulu is a fishing village on the south coast of Erdrea. Almost all of its population are fishermen or related to fishermen, and the community is ruled over by a kahuna. The town connects to a quiet graveyard, Saikiki Beach, through the local church. Overlooking the village is a cliff where a woman fires a cannon to mark the morning and evening.

The villagers are described as laid-back, but are deeply superstitious. One of their most deeply-held beliefs is the suspicion of mermaids, after the tale of a fisherman who left his wife for a mermaid. They also believe in a god named Kanaloa, who will receive offerings in return for fish.

Plot Significance


The village of Lonalulu is inspired by Polynesian cultures, specifically Hawaii. This is seen through their names, such as Kainoa, Leilani and Kainui, which are inspired by Hawaiian names. Lonalulu also celebrates luaus, which are a traditional Hawaiian festival celebrating a special occasion. Additionally, a villager mentions worshipping a god named Kanaloa , which is a real Hawaiian god of the underworld.

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