Lotus Lagoon is a location in VI. A spa located at the southwestern edge of the Dread Realm west of Despairia, it serves as the only exit point from the plane.


For those living in the Dread Realm, the Lotus Lagoon seems to offer some respite from the generally gloomy atmosphere of Mortamor's domain. The residents of Despairia whom have not been completely drained of life tell the party that there may be a way back to their world from that point, but have not dared to investigate.

Upon arriving at the spa, the party must get in line for their turn in its waters, which glow a greenish-yellow colour and flow in a slow clockwise current. As they do, the energy of lost souls can be seen rising from the flow. Fighting the current, the party finds a derelict bathhouse opposite the spa entrance, and in it, a lifeless body next to a well. The well becomes the gateway back to the real world. However, Mortamor's influence remains; the party is drained of all strength until the light of hope can be restored.

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