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Lullab-Eye (Bewitching Eyes in DQotS) is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Puts a party member to sleep with 100% of effectiveness.


Dragon Quest IV Remakes[]

Appearing only in the remakes, it is used by Testudogres and Aamon's Ashtaroth form.

Dragon Quest VI[]

Making its debut, it is used by Murdaw, his master, and Nokturnus.

Dragon Quest VII[]

Acting the same as in VI, it is used by Orgodemir in his boss fights, as well as his nemesis. In addition, Testudogres, Eyesaurs, & Hideous eyesaurs use it as well, marking the first time normal monsters can use this ability.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

Once again acting the same as in previous appearances, it is used by Rhapthorne during the final battle and Dhoulmagus during the first phase of his boss fight.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances, it is used by the final boss, Godsteeds, Boa bishops, and Fowleye, as well as Mortamor, Nokturnus and Rhapthorne once again. However, it cannot affect someone who is in Super High Tension, marking the first time it can be resisted.

Dragon Quest X[]

While acting the same as in previous games and is used by Lump wizards, Lump shamen, Dirty dogus, Pocus poppets, Sculpture vultures, Moai minstrels, Garish garlics, Belly sticks, Jungleyes, Fluzulas, Shako demons, Relulu, Nelgel, Anlucia the Maluminary, the Embodiment of Fear, Maldragora, Magic Demon Tegram, Remilia Kagema, Albino fluzula, and Demon Napir, as well as Testudogres, Ashtaroth, and Murdaw once again, it can now be resisted without Super High Tension, and cured through sleep healing spells and items.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Acting the same as in X, it is used by Lump mages, the Dark One, Mortamammoth, Hoopthorne, and the End of Time, as well as Lump Shamen once again.

Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Series[]

Reappearing from Battle Road II Legend onwards, it is used by Corvus to damage all enemies with eyes emitted from his wings while potentially putting them to sleep.

Dragon Quest Walk[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances, it is learned by level 10 when wielding the Phantom king's claw and costs 10 MP to use.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances, it is already learned by Rhapthorne's first form when he is recruited and costs 24 MP for the Lord of Darkness to use.

Dragon Quest Champions[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances once again, it is used by Dhoulmagus once again during his boss fight in the Dragon Quest VIII Event.

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