Lullab-Eye is an enemy skill in the Dragon Quest series. The eyes gleam eerily to put a party member to sleep with 100% of effectiveness.


Dragon Quest IV

Appearing only in the remakes, Lullab-Eye is used by Testudogres and Aamon's ultimate form.

Dragon Quest VI

Making its debut, it is used by Murdaw, his master, and Nokturnus.

Dragon Quest VII

Used by Orgodemir in his boss fights, as well as his nemesis. In addition, various monsters (Testudogres, Eyesaurs, & Hideous eyesaurs) use it as well, marking the first time normal monsters can use this ability.

Dragon Quest VIII

Used by Rhapthorne during the final battle. It is also used by Dhoulmagus during the first fight.

Dragon Quest IX

Lullab-Eye is used by the final boss, as well as Godsteeds and Boa bishops. Fowleye, Mortamor, Nokturnus and Rhapthorne can also use it.

Dragon Quest X

While acting the same as in previous games and is used by Hades Nelgel, as well as Dirty dogus, Testudogres, Garish garlics, Moai minstrels, Lump shaman, Pocus poppets, Shako demons, Lump wizards, Sculpture vultures, & other monsters like Belly stick, it can now be resisted and cured.

Dragon Quest XI

Acts the same as in Dragon Quest X, with Lump shaman once again using it, as well as Lump mages & the Dark One.

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