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The Hero of Dragon Quest playing the Silver Harp.

The Lyre of Ire (formerly known as the Silver Harp) is an item which summons a monster into battle when used outside of battle. It is available in Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III.

Main game appearances[]

Dragon Quest[]

The Lyre of Ire is an essential item for completing the game. It is located in a treasure chest within Galen's Grave. When used, the lyre summons a very weak monster in the original NES version, or a monster native to the hero's current location in Dragon Quest remakes. The lyre can and eventually must be traded to the man in the Shrine West of Kol for the Staff of Rain. Due to text restrictions in the Gameboy Color remake of Dragon Quest, this item was renamed to ShinyHarp.

Dragon Quest III[]

The Lyre of Ire is hidden in the back room of Galen's House, which is the precursor to Galenholm. It can be found by searching in a specific spot. Galen is located in Cantlin and gives the hero a clue to the harp's location. The harp serves no purpose to the main quest in Dragon Quest III but still can be used to grind.


There is a glitch involving the Silver Harp in the NES version of the game, which removes the first monster from a Monster Arena.

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Switch[]

Dragon Quest Builders[]

(chapter 3) The Lyre of Ire is mentioned to have been destroyed by the monsters, the Builder and Glutimus decide to repair the Lyre to give to Galeleo(Decedent of Galen) in exchange for information on how to make his secret weapon. The Builder is given the Lyre string and given the task of finding the rest of the Lyre in one of the ice glaciers through the green teleportal. After doing so the Builder is instructed by Glutimus to tell Galeleo it a gift from Barbella, though doing so Galeleo sees through this trick he still gives the Builder the notes. This quest is required to finish the game

Other language[]

Other languages
French Lyre de l'Ire
German Harfe des Haders
Spanish Lira de la Ira
Italian Lira dell'ira
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown