M-Pathy is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IX

This skill is learned with 32 skill points allocated into the Virtue skill tree of the Paladin vocation. The amount donated is 37.5% of the benefactor's current MP, with a range of five points. It still consumes MP during the 0 Zone Coup de Grâce, however. Sootheslimes can use this ability as well.

Dragon Quest X

Learned when 68 skill points are invested into the Fource skill tree of the Armamentalist vocation, it costs 38 MP to transfer one's MP to another ally until the first half of Verison 3.5 onwards, consuming 10 MP and recovering 100 MP of all allies within range. It can be also used by Magic marionettes when they are recruited, with Sootheslimes once again using this ability, along with Tenma Kuvana.

Dragon Quest XI

Rab can learn this skill via character builder. It gives 38 MP to an ally and can only be used in battle. If Rab has less than 38 MP, then the skill cannot be used. Unlike in IX, it no longer consumes MP when 0 Zone is in effect.

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