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Maam is a character in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai and its animated adaptations. She is the daughter of Roka the Warrior and Leira the Priest, Avan's two former companions who helped Avan defeat the Dark Lord in the past.


She's a pink-haired girl with a pretty face with dark brown eyes (light brown in the 2020 anime) and a strong body. When she changed to the Martial Artist vocation, her body became more muscular.

In her first yellow plain clothes outfit she was wearing yellow tights,[1] and had pilot glasses.

She later began wearing Priest wayfarer's clothes, with a red (pink in both anime adaptations) poncho over a black skintight shirt and let her thighs bare. She has a head circlet, red (pink in the 2020 anime adaptation) gloves and boots.

Later she had a pink Martial Artist strongsam with bare thighs (black tights in the anime), often revealing her white or blue underwears. Her shoulder pad has the "武" character. She also had fingerless gloves, armlets and boots.

In the purification cave she was wearing a robe of Carl which she ripped open to move her legs, this led Merle to accuse her of turning Popp into a pervert.

According to Popp, her three measurements are B88-W59-H90[2] (B 34.6" - W 23.23" - H 35.43") and her breasts are C-cup.[3]

Weapons and Gears[]

Maam first used plains clothes and the Magical gun, a "hammer spear" and the Insignia she received from Avan. After the battle against the Furfang Legion on Romos, she receives a new wayfarer's clothes gear from Romos king.

After the defeat of Flazzard, she goes to train with Brokeena and returns with martial arts strongsam.

For the final battle, Maam receives from Lon Berk a gauntlet that changes into an armour and "metal fist" knuckles.


Maam is strong-willed, courageous, and has a strong sense of justice. Inside, she is devoted and maternal. She is a disciple of charity who cares for others, she has love to give to others, but does not perceive those who are in love with her and does not understand it well yet.

Her soul color is red mean charity.


Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai[]


She lived with her mother Leira in Nayle Villege in the Romos Kingdom. Maam trained under Avan and is proficient with Heal spells, but never could successfully learn any offensive ones. Avan gave her a Magical gun that shoots magic spells, which helped her compensate for her lack of expertise with any of the other schools of magic. When the gun gets destroyed she decides to change to another vocation, Martial Artist, and temporarily leaves the party to train under Brokeena, known as the God of Martial Arts. Under Brokeena, Maam learns one of her ultimate techniques: the refractor fist, an attack that mimics excess use of Overheal, which results in the degradation of the opponent's body.

Gathering Arc[]


Maam first appearance

Popp and Dai get lost in the Dark Forest near Romos during three days by following Dai's map that he drew during the Fake Heroes incident, meeting up with a little girl who was being attacked by some monsters. The monster that Popp defeated then gets up and attacks them from behind, being saved by Maam with her magical gun who then mocks Popp's spell rod. Maam introduces herself as a girl that lives in Nayle Village near Romos and the small girl as Mina, who was searching for an antidotal herb for her mother suffering from a Poison Slime. Maam explains that the forest is the Dark Forest, a forest that resembles a labyrinth since the return of the Dark Lord.

After Popp argues with Maam, he goes with Dai further into the forest forgetting Gome behind. Maam finds Popp again in the forest being chased by an Infanticore, and saves him. Maam saves Popp and defeats the Chimaera, leaving her Insignia of Avan visible to Popp who accidently grabs her breast surprised that she is a pupil of Avan, prompting her to hit Popp as a result.

About to be killed, Dai is saved by Maam's tingle bullet and Crocodine's arm is frozen by the bullet that Popp filled with crackle. Crocodine is then blinded by dawn light, and Dai cuts his left eye.

Arriving at Maam's village, the party meets Leira, Maam's mother who journeyed with Avan in the past, but they didn't reveal Avan's fate to her. Dai trains with the village elder during one day and learns Frizz. Maam decides to join the party after discovering, without the two boys knowing, about her teacher's death when Dai tells the village elder, and the trio goes to Romos.


Maam looking at Dai departing alone to the castle

Reaching the capital too late at night, the party isn't allowed to enter the castle until morning and decides to to rest at the inn where they find Deroline, Zulpon, Masopho and Herohero, the Fake Heroes who kidnapped Gome in the past. They apologize to the boy after a small racket saying that they washed their hands of thievery. The following day, Crocodine invades the castle with his monster troop in search of Dai. Dai goes alone to the castle to face Crocodine.

Maam after dressing up say that they should hurry and go to help Dai, but the Fake Heroes decline, and Popp says that Dai should be fine by himself. Maam punches Popp after seeing how he would abandon his friend, and goes alone to the castle.

Maam comes to help, seeing that Dai gave up on fighting after seeing that his grandfather was being controlled by Zaboera. She then decides to take Brass attention while Dai tries to steal Brass's monster tube from Crocodine. The strategy fails because Dai was too slow after being hurt from the spell he took and is defeated. Zaboera then entangles Maam.


Maam tangled by Zaboera's Eye monster

Popp appears to fight Crocodine, and even thought he's way weaker than the lizard man, he keeps getting up until he is able to cast Glimmer on Brass. Dai then gets up with his Dragon Crest activated, destroying Zaboera's eye monster and freeing Maam. Dai is able to crush the Vacuum Axe with his hand. Crocodine then use's his move again, and Dai takes a soldier sword thrown from Popp to him, and strikes back with Avan Strash defeating the monster.

After the battle Dai and his party are branded as heroes and receive new armours. The group takes a ship to deliver Brass back to Dermline, and then proceeds to Papnica.


Maam new attire

Arriving at Papnica port, the place is already in ruins and Hyunckel greets the party after showing then the Earth Slash and Avan's pendant. However Hyunckel then says he despises Avan and still wants revenge against him and his students. Hyunckel summons his skeleton subordinates and attacks the party.

Hyunckel counters the Earth Slash, Wave Slash and Avan Strash itself, as it was stated by the same it was a incomplete technique. Hyunckel shows his demon sword that can be equipped as an armour whose visor could be used as a sword. The armor reflects all magic at Popp and Maam, and Dai is almost done in by Hyunckel's Bloody Scryde technique, if wasn't for Mamm pushing him.


Maam facing Hyunckel at Papnica's port

She tries to use Dazzle, but the warrior is immune to it and knocks her down. Dai tries to hit Hyunckel's face with frizz but misses and is almost killed if wasn't for Crocodine arriving at last moment to intercept the attack and send both Popp and him away with a Garuda. Hyunckel then takes Crocodine for healing and Maam as a hostage in the Underground Palace.

While imprisoned Maam asks why Hyunckel hates Avan so much, which he replies that he killed his father Bartos and took him as his pupil. Maam says that he probably misunderstood stuff and was sad to see a colleague going in the evil way.


Maam crying for Hyunckel

When Popp and Dai invade the Underkeep and start to fight Hyunckel, Gome who was hiding inside Maam's shirt comes out, and taking advantage of the turmoil help the girl to escape. Maam finds a chest containing a Soul Shell, containingh Bartos's final words. She takes it to Hyunckel that had defeated Popp and Dai to show that Avan didn't kill his father.

Clash Arc[]

After Flazzard seemingly kills Hyunckel, Maam asks Popp whether he thinks that the warrior survived, the mage saying that he probably did. The party along with Baduck meet Aimi that takes then to Valge Island Tower where Leona was hiding. When the party arrives Flazzard was already attacking the princess.

Dai faces Flazzard with his Flame Earth Slash, but when the monster realizes his disadvantage, he raises the Fire and Ice tower that seals all humans magic power and aura. Dai continues to fight and cuts Flazzard ice arm even though he is being pummeled non-stop by the general. Maam than says to Dai that they need to escape and make plan, but he refuses so Maam knocks him out and runs to the balloon, but Flazzard charges a Kafrizz to throw at then and Maam counters by throwing a Magical gun bullet loaded with sizz at his finger, resulting in a explosion that destroyed his firearm.

Making their escape in the balloon with Maam, Popp, Aimi along with unconscious Marin, Apollo, and Dai and some other surviving soldiers, they are taken down by some Dancing flames and falls near a cave in Valge.

Maam with Avan's pendant necklace (2020)

Inside the cave they find Matoriv and Maam recognizes him greeting just to have her breast and butt groped by him. Matoriv first refuses to help then saying that he doesn't want help due to the last time he helped save the world he didn't received enough recognition for his acts. Dai then yells at him saying that true heroes doesn't seeks praise for their acts, making Matoriv see Avan on the boy.

Matoriv see that is a mage and take him for training in the Magical Forest leaving the craft of a bomb that would destroy the towers. While Popp was training with Matoriv, Maam was helping Dai with his training. Flazzard used telepathy to say that if Dai didn't return until the midday, he would kill Leona. Matoriv then say they should depart at midnight. The team is composed of Dai and Baduck to destroy the fire tower, and Popp and Maam for the ice tower. Matoriv accelerates their boat for them to reach the island. and after arriving they split up unknown to them that Zaboera was watching. Baduck's bomb is destroyed way too far from the tower because Zaboera and Mystvearn division got in the way.

Popp and Maam are faced with Hadlar's division and Maam is almost killed, but Popp shields her from the Sizzle spell of the Demon. Popp show the results of his training and uses sizzle to counter Hadlar's spell, and use the bomb to destroy some of the henchmans. Hadlar that wasn't even fazzed by Popp's spell, grabs Maam by her neck and tries to impale her at the ice tower, but Hyunckel arrives at the last moment to destroy the tower and save her, while Crocodine went to help Dai. Maam hugs Hyunckel saying she is glad that he survived the lava (making Popp jealous). Hyunckel asks to Popp to take Maam and head for the Valge Tower while he would fight Hadlar.

Dai meets up with Popp and Maam after the two towers collapse, and in their way they see Hyunckel's Grand Cross from far away. Popp and Dai speak how this move has a feeling equal to Avan's Megante, but Maam says that they should not go back and head for the Valge Tower.

Maam is grabbed by Flazzard (2020)

Maam is attacked by Flazzard

Arriving at the Main tower, Dai, Popp and Maam falls in trap consisting of Dancing Flames and Rockbombs, and then Flazzard grabs Maam's leg while hiding underground and tries to slam her on the ground, but his arm is cut off by Crocodine's Vortex Axe. Hyunckel also appears revealing to have survived his battle. Flazzard then rounds his rockbombs and take off his badge that he had received from Vearn and uses his most powerful technique, turning his body in small rocks and attacking the party. When everyone is almost defeated, Maam tries to use Heal the others, but Flazzard steps on her arm. Dai learns the Air Slash and destroys Flazzard Core, splitting Flazzard in two halves which the ice one is burned by Popp.

Mystvearn then appear with an Undead Armour and give Flazzard one final chance to redeem himself by using that armour. Flazzard overpowers Dai in the battle, but is defeated by Avan Strash. Mystvearn then killed Flazzard for his failure. After the battle Dai faints and Maam carries him to Leona. The ice that was covering the Princess didn't melt and Popp spells weren't strong enough to save her. Maam suggests that combining sizz with Kafrizz in the Magical gun could defrost Leona, but it could destroy her last memento of Avan, her weapon. She then decides that she would do it for the princess, but Popp had no more power so Dai in a surge of rage uses his crest powers and cast Kafrizz in her bullet. Maam defrosts Leona and destroy her gun as a result.

After Leona is freed Hyunckel apologizes to the Papnica princess and offer his life. Dai and Maam try to defend the warrior, but the princess say she refuses to kill him. The next day he and Crocodine go to spy the Sovereing Rock Castle, just to discover that the place has been moved. Maam talks with Leona while she is drunk.

Maam takes the remains of her gun to Baduck, but since Avan already sacrificed himself, no one could repair it. Maam goes to the beach to watch Dai and Popp training with Matoriv, when the old mage gropes her again. When she punches him, he says that her strenght is like her father, and after this Maam decides to go training with Brokeena in martial arts. Popp takes her to her village with Zoom.

Holy Sword Arc[]


Maam introducing Chiu to Dai and Popp

After the battle with Baran, Popp and Dai go looking for the Sword of Champions so Dai could use his Dragonic Aura without destroying his weapon. They hear from Aimi that the sword would be a prize for the winner of the tournament that was about to begin in Romus. Dai and Popp arrived to late for entering the event, but they find out that Maam is participating as a form to test the evolution of her martial arts after finishing her training with Brokeena. Alongside her is Chiu, a fat rat monster that trained with Brokeena and has a crush for Maam. Chiu becomes Popp's love rival, when Popp pokes Maam breast to make sure it is her, making Maam and the rat attack him.

Chiu tries to win his match to impress Maam, but he is defeated because his arms are too short to reach his opponent. Dai and Popp reveals that Dai is a Dragon knight to Maam, and that Dai needs a orichalcum sword to use his full power, Maam is reluctant at first, as she doesn't want to take part in Dai using a sword against his own father again, but Dai says he doesnt want to kill his father, but just have some chance against him, so Maam says she will win the tournament and give the prize sword to Dai. The King of Romus appears at his seat near the sword of Champions watching the fights, as his new councellor Zamza reveals to be the one to have suggested the realization of the event to find new soldiers for Romus army. Dai feels a strange presence coming from Zamza. Maam is on the ring as one of the eight finalists. Zamza then traps all eight of them inside a demonic coccoon, and reveals to be a Demon, Zaboera's son and the researcher of the Hyper-Demon. To progress with his experiment he needs humans with great power, and those eight would work well.

Dai take his cape off and challenges Zamza to a battle, surprising him that the Dragon Knight was present. Zamza is punched consecutively by Dai in his dragon crest form, until Zamza reveals his objetives: create the Hyper-Demon, a being that surpasses the Dragon Knight by fusing different sorts of monsters, and Zamza had turned himself in 90% complete Hyper-Demon.

Other Appearances[]

Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

Appears as part of the Dai no Daibouken story event.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

Maam appears in the game as part of the Dai's Adventure event.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds[]


As a Warrior Priest, Maam is the daughter of Roka the Warrior and Leira the Priest, Avan's two former companions, and she inherit both some of their abilities.

She is a senior Disciples of Avan since her childhood and the official protector of her village. Taking from her mother, Maam is a priestess who specialize healing and supportive type spells and she was also taught how to fight in close quarters combat to an extent that her choice of weapon is that she employed a long metallic cross-shaped staff called a Polehammer.

In order to bolster Maam's offensive abilities, one of her signature equipment was the Magic Bullet Gun, designed by Avan himself after reading several books. The gun is special in that it uses a bunch of metallic cylinders not as bullets themselves but rather as a power source, as they can be infused with different spells, which are subsequently passed onto the gun and fired upon pressing the trigger. There is seemingly no limit to what spells these bullets can carry as they have been infused with healing, supportive and offensive spells of all kinds. Unfortunately, the bullets are not omnipotent, and charging more than one spell in a bullet can cause a severe overload which can effectively destroy the gun. This was indeed the case when Dai charged a Sizzle spell on a bullet which when fired bolstered the offensive power and freed Leona from her icy prison, but in turn the gun was rendered unusable.

Although the gun gave Maam a significant asset, its loss also deprived her of much of her ability to fight. Fortunately for Maam, she also inherited her father's great warrior strength which she decided to capitalize on by training as a Martial Artist, being taught by Brokeena, a master renowned as the God of Martial Arts.

Her training yielded incredible results, turning Maam into a far more powerful fighter who could exploit the full of extent of her physical aptitudes developing increasing speed, flexibility and greater power, allowing her to fight and defeat combatants much larger than herself through the use of precise technique, swift footwork, and devastating combos of pure brute strength.

Her natural talent and dedication were such that even Brokeena was astonished by Maam's unparalleled growth rate as she was able to master in days what many martial artists were only capable after years. During her reintroduction, Maam had grown so strong she was capable of fighting Zamza, a 90% complete Superior Being and dominate most of the fight by herself, although considering the fierce opposition he had faced beforehand, it is likely he was stamina drained.

Maam's most powerful technique inherited from Brokeena is the Refractor Fist, an attack that combines healing magic with martial arts in order to augment the healing power to the point it reaches the level of Overheal, an ancient healing spell so powerful it could be used offensively to cause damage to its targets due to excessive recovering, becoming the literal expression of "excess medicine becoming poison".

Maam can thus imbue her fists with healing magic in order to deal powerful blows which cause internal damage and destroy the opponent from the inside, making it a fairly lethal technique. Because of its properties, the Refraction Fist allows Maam to bypass most conventional defenses, destroying Zamza's Bioprison which was resistant to physical blows and even normal offensive magic, as the creature was still organic in nature. Even Zamza's regenerative abilities were downright nullified by the Refraction Fist, thus giving her the means to permanently injure even nigh immortal foes.

According to the manga, Maam's transition to the Martial Artist vocation came with several perks. In game terminology, her level was effectively reset to level 1 so by the time she met with Dai and Popp, she was several levels lower than either of them. Her stat growth was also affected as she could no longer augment her MP any further, therefore giving her a permanent static value to her total amount of Magic. Conversely, she was able to preserve all the spells she learned as a Priest.



Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai  
Spell Level Learnt
Heal 20
Midheal 20
Squelch 20
Tingle 20
Cock-a-doodle-doo 20
Dazzle 19

Other Appearances[]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Maam appears in the World of Visions: The Adventure of Dai event.

Monster Strike[]

Maam appears in the Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai collab.

Guardian Tales[]

Maam appears in Guardian Tales as part of a collaboration event.


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  • Her name comes from "mam" (mother). According to the author, that's because she has the role of "the mother of the party".
  • She is the writer's favourite female character in the series.[4]
  • She got a vocation change once it was decided the series was renewed for 2 to 3 years past what would become the Destiny Arc with the final battle against Vearn shortly after it.[5]
  • Her Martial Artist outfit, except her hairstyle, is available in Jump Force's lobby shop corner for female avatar customization under the names: Gi Top (Female) 02, Gi Bottoms (Female) 01, Hand Gear (Female) 05, Shin Guard (Female) 01
  • When first revealed that she would be wearing black tights with her Martial Artist strongsam outfit, it led to a Japanese fan outcry.[6] She was already wearing tights in the Malaysian edition of the manga, known localy a Misteri Naga. For Dragon Quest; The Adventure of Dai - Xross Blade, she has multiple cards with tights and one with bare legs, numbered 05-057.

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