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Madame Luca's is a location in Dragon Quest VI. As the name implies, it belongs to Luca Luminista, a fortuneteller and dream-seer. Located southeast of the Real World city of Port Haven, it serves as a guide point for the Hero and his party.


Landing in the "phantom world" upon the discovery of another huge hole in their own world, the Hero and Carver once more find themselves in a ghostly predicament. From the ruins of an abbey, they head west toward Port Haven, where once again, they are able to observe the goings-on of the townsfolk and yet again are dismissed as wind noise or voices from the Goddess. They unwittingly witness the poisoning of the Mayor's prized pooch, Mr. Barkington, by a local woman with a vendetta against the Mayor's housemaid for stealing her boyfriend, the Mayor's son. Her framing is successful, so the maid is fired on the spot, then thrown in jail.

After this, the party is guided by Milly, a local woman they meet at a pier, to someone who may know how to improve the heroes' predicament. She escorts them to Luca's, where she also reveals her own story: Luca explains that Milly, her understudy, was also a dream spirit as both men are now. This world, Luca continues, is the real world; and when a dream spirit enters the real world, it loses its form. However, a substance called dream dew, produced in the Lucid Grotto, is able to solidify a dream spirit into a body compatible with the real world. Thus, Luca sends the Hero on a mission to fetch the dew, and Milly volunteers her aid.

When the three return safe, Madame Luca casts her incantation, making the spirit Hero and Carver as real as any other human in this world.

As the party returns for another visit in the remake versions, Madame Luca will imbue the Zoom spell with the power to travel worlds.


  • In the remake versions, Madame Luca's replaces the network of fortunetellers that was present in the original Dragon Quest VI.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Chez madame Luce
German Bei Madame Lucia
Spanish Casa de madame Candelaria
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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