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The Mage is the class which specializes in offensive magic
Dragon Quest VII

Mage is a vocational class in the Dragon Quest series.

Mages specialise in casting destructive spells, but performs poorly at close combat. They can also use certain field spells to help the party in its adventures. The Mage is given powerful magical abilities when leveled fully, including Puff! and Kaboom. The Mage also has the Hocus Pocus spell introduced in Dragon Quest II, which has a large menu of possible random effects: some very good, some very bad. Though Mages have high Intelligence, they are physically frail and cannot equip heavy weapons such as swords, axes, spears, or heavy armour. It is best to keep them in the back lines.


Main games[]

Dragon Quest III[]

1 Frizz
4 Buff
5 Crack
7 Sizz
9 Evac
9 Kabuff
11 Bang
12 Zoom
12 Deceleratle
14 Sizzle
15 Drain Magic
17 Frizzle
18 Peep
19 Safe Passage
20 Crackle
21 Oomph
23 Boom
24 Bounce
25 Tick-Tock
26 Kacrackle
27 Fuddle
29 Kasizzle
30 Sheen
32/34 Kercrack
33 Fade
34 Puff!
35 Click
36 Kafrizzle
37 Morph
38 Kaboom
40 Hocus Pocus

Dragon Quest VI[]

Stat Changes[]
Strength -40%
Agility -5%
Defence -40%
Wisdom +20%
Max. HP -40%
Max. MP +10%
Battles Needed
1 Novice Frizzle
2 Apprentice Sizz
3 Magician Sizzle
4 Enchanter Fuddle
5 Conjurer Boom
6 Sorcerer Crackle
Drain Magic
7 Wizard Kasnooze 145
8 Archmage Kasizzle

Dragon Quest VII[]

Stat Changes[]
Strength -40%
Agility -5%
Guard -40%
Intelligence +20%
Appearance +10%
Max. HP -40%
Max. MP +10%
PS1 Abilities[]
Level Title Learns Battles Needed
1 Beginner Sizz 1
2 Novice Snooze 13
3 Dabbler Zoom 28
4 Magician Evac/Sap 43
5 Sorcerer Frizzle 70
6 Wizard Boom/Dazzle 105
7 Warlock Sizzle 135
8 Archmage Crackle 170
3DS Abilities[]
Battles Needed
1 Hobbyist Sizz 1
2 Apprentice Snooze 5
3 Magician Absorb Magic, Zoom 10
4 Enchanter Sap, Evac 18
5 Conjeror Frizzle 28
6 Sorcerer Boom, Dazzle 40
7 Wizard Sizzle 55
8 Archmage Crackle 80
Hybrid Abilities[]
Troubadour Cursed Verse
Dancer Absorb Magic
Martial Artist Fire Breath
Jester Fuddle
Sailor Lightning
Shepherd Kasnooze
Thief Drain Magic

The Mage's spells are useful after the events in Alltrades Abbey, but when combined with the mastered Priest class, the character can become a Sage and learn much more devastating spells and a Druid afterwards.

Dragon Quest IX[]

DQIX - Mage

The Mage class is available at the start of the game and has the unique skillset "Spellcraft". Mages can also use skill points to learn Knife, Wand, Whip, and Shield skills. Their coup de grâce is "0 Zone," which reduces their MP cost to zero for a few turns.

8 Wizard Ward
18 Natural Magical Might +20
26 Spooky Aura
38 Natural Max MP +10
46 Focus Pocus
54 Critical Spell Rate Up
68 Channel Anger
78 Natural Magical Might +60
88 Natural Max MP +20
100 Natural Magical Might +100
1 Frizz
4 Acceleratle
6 Crack
7 Sap
8 Evac
11 Bang
13 Safe Passage
16 Crackle
19 Fuddle
21 Bounce
25 Kasap
28 Boom
30 Frizzle
33 Oomph
40 Kacrack
42 Blunt
47 Kaboom
53 Kafrizz
64 Kafrizzle
68 Kacrackle

Dragon Quest X[]

The Mage is one of the six starting vocations available in version 1.0 of Dragon Quest X. They can use Knives, Whips, Heavy Wands, Fisticuffs and Shields. each one with their own individual skill trees, with their exclusive skill tree being once again Spellcraft (まほう). Their coup de grâce is likewise 0 Zone (ミラクルゾーン) once again. Their high Magical Might stats and myriad of damaging spells make them highly specialized for dealing area of effect damage.

Heroes series[]

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

Teresa and Lazarel can become Mages from the start; once they have reached level 20 they become able to become Sages if also the Priest vocation has reached level 20.

As a Mages, they can equip Wands, Heavy Wands, and Whips.

Other games[]

Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

A Standard Vocation which needs to be of at least level 50 to access the Sage and Armamentalist Specialist Vocations.

Preferred weapon types:

Vocation Skill[]
Lv 1 ✸️Sizz Lv 3
Magic Attack +10 with preferred weapon
Lv 5 Spell CT cut 3% with preferred weapon
Lv 10 ✸️Sizz Lv 5
Lv 15 Magic Attack +10
Lv 20 ✸️Sizz Lv. 5 upgrades to ✸️Sizzle Lv. 1
Lv 25 Magic Attack +10 with preferred weapon
Lv 30 Channel Anger Lv 3
Lv 35 Magic Attack +10
Lv 40 ✸️Sizzle Lv 3
Lv 45 Magic Attack +10 with preferred weapon
Lv 50 Channel Anger Lv 5
Lv 55 Spell CT cut 3% with preferred weapon
Lv 60 ✸️Sizzle Lv 5
Vocation Bonus[]

For associated Specialist Vocations

Lv 50 🔰Mage's Essence
Lv 60 Max HP +10
Lv 70 Chainspell Tricks (Low) (Sage) / Magic Flurry Tricks (Low) (Armamentalist) with preferred weapon
Lv 80 Magic Attack +10 with preferred weapon
Lv 90 Chainspell Tricks (Sage) / Magic Flurry Tricks (Armamentalist) with preferred weapon
Lv 99 Luck +5

Dragon Quest Walk[]

Mage is one of the base vocations, available from the start.

Preferred weapon types:

Dragon Quest Champions[]

Preferred weapon types:

Notable Wizards[]

Notable Mages[]


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