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Magic Barrier is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series. It raises the magic resistance of the whole party.


Dragon Quest VI

This spell is obtained by advancing to either Rank 5 of the Paladin vocation or rank 7 of the Sage vocation. Magical damage is cut by 25%, lasts until the end of battle, and costs 3 MP to cast. It is also used by Splutterflies, Pudgedevils, and the Stormsgate Citadel in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Magic Barrier is learned by reaching rank 4 of the Sage vocation, rank 2 of the Automaton vocation and also by reaching rank 4 of the Monster Masher and Champion vocations, rank 1 of the Druid and Hero vocations in the 3DS remake, as well as rank 5 of the Paladin vocation once again. The spell now lasts for 11~14 turns in either version. It is also used by Cumulus rexes, Discombombulators,

Dragon Quest VIII

Jessica will learn Magic Barrier after investing 31 skill points into her Staves. The spell operates as before, and will last for 6~9 turns after being cast for 3 MP. It is also used by Smackers in battle.

Dragon Quest IX

Magic Barrier is learned by sages at level 38. It costs 6 MP to cast, increases resistance by 25% when first cast, and lasts for 6~9 turns. It is also used by Aggrosculptures, Slugly betsys, Garth Goyle, Larstastnaras, King Godwyn in his Final Forme, and Sir Sanguinus, as well as Cumulus rexes once again.

Dragon Quest X

An enemy only spell until 2.1, it is used by Catulas, Queen slimes, as well as Aggrosculptures, Discombombulators, Splutterflies,

Dragon Quest XI

Magic Barrier is known by Veronica when she joins the party, and by Hendrik when he joins. It costs 4 MP to cast. Aside from the lowered cost, it functions exactly as it did in IX and X. It is also used by Magic marionettes, War gryphons, Kissers and the Revivalist, as well as Smackers once again.

Entries and Consumption

Entries and Consumption
DQIX logo IX Protects the whole party from attack spells.
MP 6
DQX logo X Unknown
MP -


DQIX logo IX Paladins (Lv. 28)
Sages (Lv. 38)
DQX logo X Unknown


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Other languages

Other languages
German Magische Barriere
Italian Barriera Magica
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown

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