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The magic key is a recurring key in the Dragon Quest series. It is used to unlock magic-warded doors.


Dragon Quest[]

Magic keys are items necessary to unlock doors that cannot normally be opened, that can be bought in shops around Alefgard at various prices, the cheapest being in Rimuldar for only 53 gold coins. Unfortunatly, for reasons revealed in Dragon Quest III, they disappear after one use, turning into dust immediatly after, furthermore should the Hero leave the area, the unlocked doors will return locked, forcing the use of another key. In the original NES version, doors will still lock themselves upon entering or leaving a town, but the treasure hidden behind them will also return.

Dragon Quest III[]

The magic key is located on the third basement of the Pyramid. It is the second key acquired by Hero and their party, and it is required in order to reach the costal town of Portoga. In order to get the key, the hero's party must solve a button puzzle which involves pressing four buttons (two in later versions) in the correct order. The solution is hinted by a nursery rhyme singed by two young boys in the castle of Isis. As of this game, the magic key has unlimited use.

It's possible to show the magic key to an old man residing in Rimuldar, inspiring him to copy it's design and forge several copies of it for profit, this resulting in them being very brittle and break after one use, thus revealing why the magic keys found in the first game were so flimsy.

Dragon Quest IV[]

The magic key was created through alchemy by Mahabala, and is found in the Cave West of Aubout du Monde during Chapter 5. It must be obtained in order to open the warded doors at Palais de Leon.

During Chapter 4, the doors requiring the key will open with Oojam present (in the NES version, he breaks the door down, while he merely picks the lock in the DS version).

Dragon Quest V[]

The magic key is found in a chest in a warehouse at Lofty Peak, along with the flying carpet.

Dragon Quest VI[]

The King of Howcastle presents the party with a magic key after their escort of Prince Howard through the Hallowed Hollow.

Dragon Quest VII[]

The magic key is available in the Primo Palazzo di Bulgio near L'Arca after obtaining the flying carpet.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

The magic key is in a chest in Trodain Castle.

Dragon Quest IX[]

The magic key is found at the Mirage Mahal in Gleeba. It allows access to warded doors.

Dragon Quest XI[]

First visible in the mural of the Ruins of Nhou Wat in Phnom Nonh, it is shortly revealed that a demon named Dora-in-Grey has possession of the magic key. Her defeat releases the key to the Luminary's party. The key can open any door with its crest emblazoned upon it.


Other languages[]

Other languages
French Clef magique
Clé magique
German Zauberschlüssel
Spanish Llave
Llave mágica
Italian Chiave Magica
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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