The magic shield is a recurring shield in the Dragon Quest series. It is designed to guard against harmful magic and elemental damage, hence the whimsical design.


Dragon Quest III

Appearing only in the remakes, the magic shield can be equipped by all vocations save for the martial artist. It boosts defence by +25, and cuts all magical damage by 25%.

Dragon Quest V

The magic shield has a defence bonus of +22, and FrizzSizz, and fire breath damage by 7.

Dragon Quest VI

The magic shield has a defence bonus of +20 and reduces Frizz, Sizz, and Bang damage by 8. It can be equipped by the HeroCarverAshlynnTerryNevan, and Amos.

Dragon Quest VII

The magic shield has a defence bonus of +18 and a style bonus of +21. It can be equipped by the HeroMaribelSir Mervyn, and Aishe. It can be purchased in many shops for 5,000 gold and sold for 2,500. Magic shields can also be won as prizes from the Lucky Panel at the Casino.

Dragon Quest VIII

The magic shield has a defence bonus of +27 and decreases frizz, sizz, and bang damage by 15. It can be equipped by the Hero or Angelo and can be bought from the Bazaar.

Description: "An enchanted shield that reduces the damage from spells by 15 points."

Recipe: Steel shield + Prayer ring + Ruby of protection

Dragon Quest IX

A mystical shield that provides protection against offensive spells. Can be bought in the armor shop in Gleeba for 4000 gold.


Block chance: 2.5%

Magical might: 8

Magical mending: 8

Rarity: 1 Star


Other languages

Other languages
French Bouclier magique
German Zauberschild
Spanish Escudo mágico
Italian Scudo magico
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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