Magic water is a recurring item in Dragon Quest that replenishes depleted MP inside and outside of battle. The amount it replenishes differs by game and it may not be use on a dead character.


Magic water

Dragon Quest IX

 Name: Magic Water
 Desc: An enchanted elixir that restores around 30 MP to a single ally.
   MP: 30-33

Rarity: N/A

Found: Porth Llaffan, Slurry Quay, Cringle Coast, Ect.

Recipe: Holy Water x 1, Royal Soil x 1, Nectar x 1

  Buy: 500 gold
 Sell: 250 gold

Other languages

Other languages
French Eau magique
Fiole d'eau magique
élixir magique
German Zauberwasser
Spanish Agua mágica
Ampolla de agua mágica
Italian Acqua magica
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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