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Malicite is an item that appears in Dragon Quest IX.


Malicite is both craftable and used in crafting.

It can be crafted with 3 Narspicious, 2 Terrible Tattoos, and a Pink Pearl.

By itself, it can convert the Apollo's Crown into the Skull Crown, the Great Helm into Hades' Helm, the Lucky Pendant into the Reckless Necklace, Odin's Bow into the Oh-No Bow, and the Sorcerer's Ring into the Skull Ring.

With 3 Evencloth, it can convert the Gloomy Gloves into the Murky Gloves. With 2 Terrible Tattoos, it can convert the Demon Whip into the Archdemon Whip, and with 3 Terrible Tattoos, it can convert the Celestial Lance into the Demon Spear.


In Dragon Quest IX, Malicite is an alchemy item.

It can both be used in alchemy, and crafted through alchemy. Notably, the equipment made by Malicite is all cursed, and may require alchemising with Saint's Ashes in order to un-curse it.

Entries and Monetary Values[]

Entries and Monetary Values
DQIX logo IX A jinxed gem that calls cursed curses back to the bearer. Alchemise it!
Buy - Sell 666G
DQX logo X No appearance
Buy No appearance Sell No appearance


Strength None
Resilience None
Deftness None
Wisdom None
Style None
Agility None
Max. HP None
Max. MP None


DQIX logo IX Unknown
DQX logo X No appearance


DQIX - Hootingham-Gore


Its English name is a portmanteau of 'malice' and the real-world gemstone, 'malachite'.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Malicite
German Malefizit
Spanish Malicita
Italian Malapietra
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown