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Maria is a character in Dragon Quest V. A former slave, she escapes with both the Hero and Prince Harry and temporarily becomes a nun.


Maria has purple eyes and long blonde hair. She wears a purple and white dress over her pink skirt. When she joins the abbey, she wears a blue priest's robe with a black apron and white hat.


Dragon Quest V[]

She was at one point a member of the Order of Zugzwang, but due to her disagreements, she was banished to the slave camp at Mount Azimuth. Her brother, Joshua, a guard at the slave camp, was distraught at her status, and, after learning that all of the slaves would be killed once the temple they are building is completed, secretly arranged an escape after both the Hero and Harry attacked slave-drivers that were beating her. Using the barrels that carry away dead slaves, she, Harry, and the hero stowed away with their belongings until they washed ashore at Heaven's Above Abbey.

While the hero and Harry decided to journey northward, Maria stayed at the abbey as a nun. Since the Nuns of the Above are caretakers of Abovitall Tower, the two later enlist her help in order to retrieve Ra's Mirror at the tower. After using the mirror to expose the Faux dowager, Harry stays at Castle Coburg. Shortly later, Harry and Maria are married, and arrive as guests for the hero's own wedding. By the third generation, they had a son named Kendrick, who inherited his father's mischievous streak.

When revisiting Crocodilopolis, Joshua is found dead in a corridor, along with his final will. During the epilogue, the hero informs Maria of her brother's fate.

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