The Mark of Erdrick (formerly Erdrick's Token, Loto's Token) is an item in Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III. It serves no useful purpose except to be shown to a non-player character to receive a guarded item.


Dragon Quest

The Mark of Erdrick is an essential item for completing the game.


The token can be found by searching a specific tile in the large swamp south of Cantlin. It is located exactly 70 tiles south and 40 tiles east of Tantegel Castle. Its location is given as a clue by a man in Cantlin. The princess pledge is a useful item in finding the token as it will tell the hero his exact distance from Tantegel. Gwaelin will say she is 70 North and 40 West of the Hero.


The token must be shown to the man at the Southern Shrine in order for him to convert the Staff of Rain and the Sunstone into the Rainbow Drop.

Dragon Quest II


The token is hidden in a treasure chest within Midenhall Castle. In order to access the chest, the hero must possess the Golden Key.


The token can be shown to the man at the Southern Shrine to receive Erdrick's helmet. It is not required that the player do this to complete the game.

Dragon Quest III

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