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Masopho is a character in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. The younger brother of Matoriv and a member of the Fake Heroes.


He is one of the villains that kidnap Gome at the beginning of the story.

In the 2020 version he faces Brass on the King's boat, just to be defeated by a green dragon.

After giving up on his thieving way, Masopho meets Dai again at the capital of Romos. During the battle against Crocodine he is the one who encourages Pop to help Dai in the fight, before running away for his life.

Even though he studied alongside Matoriv, he lacks strong spells because he was a coward to the point of being afraid of training, joining the Fake Heroes band as his last hope in life. When he meets Matoriv again, the sage asks him for his assistance to fight Vearn even though he doesn't excel in magic talent.


He is the most cowardly of his team, although he was pretty cruel when he assaulted the monsters in Dermline Island. Unlike the other three members though, Masopho has shown to be self-aware of his cowardice and implied, deep down, to resent his status, as seen when he openly encourages Pop to not end up like him and save his friends.


He is able to use Crach-type spells.

He also displayed Fortune Teller abilities to Popp, showing the events of Romos Castle with his crystal ball.


Masopho is a eldery mage. He is bald, has a black moustache and goatee and has black eyes. He wears a green robe (Wizard's robe) and green hat (Wizard's hat) with brown shoes (Spellspadrilles) and a blue necklace. He always carrying black magic stick with a round red stone on it's edge. In the 2020 version, his facial hair is white.


Birth Arc[]

He is immobilyzed by fear by the dancing manequin's dance and later defeated by the octopus.

Gathering Arc[]

Dai, Pop and Maam, finds the Fake Heroes in an inn, pretending to be heroes again. When Crocodine attacks, they run away from the city, only Masopho staying behind and meeting with Popp, encouraging him to fight Crocodine after telling a little about himself.

Clash Arc[]

In the 1991 anime, his group is at Papnica and they are mistaken for Dai's party by villagers. Masopho being Popp. Beofre the assault on Valge, some Archdemons chek on them.

Holy Sword Arc[]

The Fake Heroes decide to go to Papnica to participate in the reunion of the world's lasting governours, after deciding they were to be real heroes and would face the Dark Army. On their way they see the Sovereign Rock Castle and run away in fear. They watch from far away as the giant attacks Papnica.

Flash of Light Arc[]

They hear Dai's wish to help to save the world and stop Vearn's plan, by destroying the Northern Tower's Black Core. Unfortunately it was guarded by a Jamirus[1] and the Fake heroes were way too scared to face it. That's when a weakened Matoriv appears and kills the monster. It's then revealed that Masopho and Matoriv studied together, but somehow due to his cowardness Masopho's life turned way different than his former colleague. Motivated by Matoriv, Masopho mustered his courage and confidence to destroy the Black Core by casting a combined Crack with Zurbon and Derolin.



  • He calls Matoriv "big bro" but it is unknown if it is an actual biological link or just a nickname.

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