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A Master Stroke (必殺剣 Deadly sword) is a special technique in Dragon Quest Swords. Though limited in frequency, these techniques are very powerful and their usage often proves pivotal in the outcome of a battle.


Master Stroke usage is limited by a gauge in the lower-left corner of the HUD that begins at 0% and does not allow a Master Stroke until it rises to 100%. As the player progresses through a level, the gauge fills slightly every time the player successfully attacks with their sword or blocks an enemy attack with their shield.

Once the gauge has filled, the player may initiate a Master Stroke at any time during a battle by pressing the 2 button on the Wii remote. They can then select a technique from the list of those they've has so far acquired by obtaining different swords, at which point they must manipulate the Wii remote in accordance with on-screen prompts, then strike anywhere to unleash the attack.

Enemy usage[]

The final storymode boss, Xiphos the Deathbringer, and the final mirror boss, Edahs 'Sophix are both able to use the Figure of Hate Master Stroke. For both, it is used within the normal attack pattern of their second phase. In this case, the player must follow the on-screen prompts in order to limit the damage done rather than enhancing it. This is done by repeated slashing over and over.

List of Master Strokes[]

Name Element Power level Learn requirement Attack motion
Mighty Strike None 1 Default Master Stroke Hold sword up - Slash
Multistrike None 2 Possess Steel broadsword Hold sword up for several seconds - Slash 3 times
Figure of Fate None 3 Possess Rednusadner Draw figure 8 repeatedly - Slash
Light Fantastic None 4 Possess Aurora blade Draw figure 8 repeatedly - Slash 3 times
Dragonlord's Doom None 5 Possess Dragon Warrior's Sword Rotate sword upwards repeatedly - Hold sword up - Shake sword repeatedly - Slash
Tundra Sunderer Ice 2 Possess Blizzard blade Thrust sword down - Slash
Cold Fission Ice 1 Possess Frost blade Rotate sword in forward circles repeatedly - Slash
Ice Age Ice 3 Possess Wrath of Boreas Rotate sword in forward circles repeatedly - Slash
Absolute Zero Ice 4 Possess Zenithian sword Rotate sword in forward circles repeatedly - Thrust
Searing Slash Fire 1 Possess Fire blade Shake sword - Slash
Blazing Thurst Fire 2 Possess Blazing blade Thrust sword down - Forward thrust
Solar Flare Fire 3 Possess Wrath of Helios Shake sword - Slash
Dragon Soul Fire 4 Possess Dragovian King Sword Draw figure 8 repeatedly - Slash
Lightning Thrust Lightning 2 Possess Thunderbolt blade Rotate sword upwards - hold sword up - Thrust
Lightning Strike Lightning 2 Possess Lightning blade Rotate sword upwards - Slash
Lightning Storm Lightning 3 Possess Wrath of Zeus Rotate sword upwards - hold sword up
Gigaslash Lightning 4 Possess Sword of kings Draw figure 8 - hold sword up - Slash
Elemental Extremes Fire and Ice ? Combo with level 33 Prince Anlace (24 MP)

Draw figure 8 - Thrust

Moulin Rage None ? Combo with level 30 Fleurette (21 MP) Rotate sword in forward circles repeatedly - Thrust
Gigagash Lightning ? Combo with level 32 Claymore (28 MP) Hold sword up - Slash
Figure of Hate Darkness ? Possess Deathbringer's Shade (payback mode only) Rotate sword upwards - Slash


  • Several of the Master Strokes share motions that the player uses to execute the move: Lightning Strike and Figure of Hate both require you to rotate your sword upwards then slash. Solar Flare and Searing Slash require you to shake the sword before slashing. Dragon Soul and Figure of Fate require you to draw a figure 8 repeatedly before slashing. Light Fantastic has the same condition except you slash 3 times instead of one. Cold Fission and Ice Age both require you to rotate the sword in a circular motion repeatedly before slashing. Absolute Zero and Moulin Rage require you to rotate the sword in a circular motion repeatedly before thrusting.
  • Absolute Zero is the coldest temperature possible. That is why it is the final Master Stroke with the element of ice. It also deals more damage to Xiphos and his mirror counterpart than Figure of Hate does.
  • Dragonlord's Doom is the only Master Stroke that can be lost forever if you sell the Orichalcum Stick (and Valgirt has a low chance of dropping it in a Lucky Bag).
  • Figure of Hate is the only Master Stroke that cannot be obtained on a first playthrough, being only unlocked once you start Payback Mode.

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