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Material Family (物質, ぶっしつ, Bushitsu, Material) refers to monsters in the Dragon Quest series that are formed from materials such as stone, iron or cloth. Some frequently-seen forms are: statue, bag/sack, golem, rock, armour, reaper or moai.

Strengths and Weakness[]


Enemies like rockbombs can kill themselves to revive and heal their allies and can blow up to destroy the player's team. In addition, almost all material monsters boast great defense and wind resistance, reducing the latter to zero damage regularly.


Hammers deal 110% regular damage to material monsters, and the hammer skill 'Monster Masher' does even more bonus damage. In DQMJ2, Material Whirl does significant damage to materialists. Worst of all, their speed is pathetic, going last many times in any battle.

Examples of monsters in the Material Family[]

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