Medford's Manor is a location in VI. Located in the Dream World, it is an iteration of the Medal King's Palace, and as such overseen by the magnanimous King Medford, master collector of marvellous merchandise and, of course, magnificent mini medals scattered across the worlds of the game. Unlike the previous two installments in the Dragon Quest series, the player can accumulate mini medals and win prizes based on the total number of medals collected.


Mortamor's minions, the Dread Fiends, feared King Medford's many marvellous munitions and other assorted knick-knacks, and so deemed it worthy of a seal placed upon it. As Medford had been key to empowering heroes of legend, Jamirus was given the task of guarding the seal, which left a tear in the fabric of the Dream World where the castle lies. With Jamirus' defeat, Medford and his merry servants are restored, and so his madness for the minute medallions begins anew. Medford's massive magnanimity is without bound.

List of mini medal rewards

Medals Prize
15 Staff of divine wrath
25 Raging ruby
30 Platinum sword
40 Miracle sword
50 Sands of time
60 Sacred armour
70 Metal king helm
80 Glombolero
90 Dragonic Diligence
100 Robust lingerie

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